TV System Provides A Realistic Breathtaking View Outside Your Window

If you look outside your window right now, what do you see? If you are like many people, it might be your front yard or the parking lot of your office building. Wouldn’t it be great to look out the window and see a realistic, breathtaking view? Maybe you’d like to see the beach on a sunny day or some serene snow falling at dusk. It turns out, you can create your own realistic view with this 46-inch LED LCD HDTV that isn’t really a window at all.

When I think of inspiring views in a room, I always go back to The Hunger Games in my mind. In that movie, the night before the tournament, Katniss played around with the scenes in her room. It was a screen the size of the entire wall, and she could change the realistic scenery with a remote control. This is the closest thing I’ve seen to that, and it’s quite extraordinary.

It’s called EyePlus, and it’s a television system that will change the view outside your window forever. The idea is that you hang this TV somewhere in the room where it will be like a window. You can even hang curtains on it like the person in the video below. It will play the pre-programmed videos that you’ve selected.

This television system has eye-tracking sensors built in. It knows your location, and it adjusts the scenery display to look like it’s actually outside your window. This adds an unprecedented realistic touch, which we haven’t seen before in other systems like this. It will really make it seem like you are looking at whatever the scenery is. Amazing. I just wish it was larger. Now all you have to do is trick your brain into thinking that the television is a window. I can’t help you with that.

TV System Provides A Breathtaking View Outside Your Window



Via: [Yanko Design] [Digital Trends]