Tweetdeck v0.33 | New Features

Just updated my Tweetdeck to v0.33!  w00t!  For those new on Twitter, TweetDeck is a third party application that allows you to manage the Tweets you follow.   TweetDeck simply allows you to see updates all at once.  TweetDeck has been very active in making sure that the user experience gets better.  Imagine, you can link your updates from the other social networking platforms as well.  FaceBook, Linkdin etc.

So now that they have updated to v0.33, new features are added.  The best feature I love is the increased API limit to a whopping 350 per hour! I am sure that is great news for all of us who love to tweet and hate it when we need to go back to web interface.

They have also improved the control of the column navigator.  The bar that you see on the bottom of your interface, allows you to click on the boxes to see the tweets from your different columns.  You will see the following information:

  • The column name
  • The icon of service it is related to (Twitter, Facebook etc)
  • The account attached to this column (where appropriate)
  • How long until the next update to this column (where appropriate)
  • Current API usage for this account (where appropriate)

See more media inside TweetDeck with the new previews for media from Youtube, Posterous, Flickr, Mobypicture & Twitgoo.

Quick tip:  If you want to save on API, you can always go on settings and click on previewing on another tab in your browser.  But just in case you do want to open it on Tweetdeck you now have the option.  There are so many fixes made already on the issues that bugged the other versions.  So if you want to level up your Tweeting go ahead and download the new version HERE.