Ultimate Bachelor Gadget: All In One Beer Opener & Remote

Suddenly it seems so obvious. I can’t believe it was just now invented. This is one of those things that you bonk yourself on the head and wonder why you didn’t think of it. Now there is a universal remote control that has a built in bottle opener so you don’t even have to leave your couch to open your beer! For couch potatoes around the world, this must be a dream come true.

Thanks to The Clicker, you no longer have to be inconvenienced to walk to the kitchen if your beer doesn’t have a twist-off cap. Now all they need to add is automatic chicken wing delivery to this remote and it truly will be heaven on earth.

You can purchase your own bottle opener/remote control at http://www.myclicker.com, however, (and I know you will be so surprised to hear this) it’s currently on back order. Until you get one, I have two alternatives for you. First, you can just tape a bottle opener to your current remote control (duh!) or, you can open your beer bottles the most manly way; however, it will require getting up off the couch. I know, it takes effort, but look at it this way, all your friends will think you are a bad ass when you open your beer bottle with your chain saw. Watch the 13 second video below to see how this is done.