The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Digital Marketing [Infographic]

When I first heard the term “digital marketing” a few years ago, like many people, I thought it meant any type of marketing that is digital or online. After I leaned what it really meant, I started to learn how powerful it can be. Just like some people write a blog post, send a tweet with the link, and then call themselves social media marketers, many people think they are digital marketers without fully understanding what it means.

The best way I can explain it is to say that digital marketing is a whole digital ecosystem where – in the best case scenario – all the parts and pieces work together like a well-oiled machine. If a marketer only focuses on creating infographics or posting on Facebook, that is not taking advantage of what digital marketing offers when it’s done well. It’s about understanding the detailed mechanics of how people relate to the Internet, and learning how to use that to get the results you want. It’s about being creative and combining several strategies that are specifically designed to work together to achieve the same goal.

What I’m describing might sound like a strong branding strategy, and you’re right, there are many similarities between a strong online branding strategy and a strong digital marketing initiative. Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are both companies that I have seen do some effective and very creative digital marketing and branding over the past year.

To understand this more, you can click over to What Is Digital Marketing Anyway? by James Ball and check out this infographic of the same name by I know when you first look at this, you may think you don’t have time to cover all these different areas. I know for us here at Bit Rebels, it always comes down to a time issue. Automate and optimize your systems as much as you can, stay personal and engage in social media since that’s where it counts, and never stop moving forward. Even if it takes you longer that you expected, if you stay dedicated and committed to what you’re doing, you will eventually be able to master every one of these areas and experience your own digital marketing success.

The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Digital Marketing

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