Unity Programmers For Hire – Choosing A Team To Create A Gaming Hit

To make a good game, you need a good idea. But even with an idea, it’s not easy to make a decent game based on it. Aside from trivial luck, there are a huge number of things you have to deal with. An infinite number of decisions must be made in a very modest amount of time.

After all, time is money, and the project’s budget tends to disappear before anything worthy of demonstration is done. That’s why the team that has experience in creating Unity games and whose processes work like clockwork is an important ally. In this article, RexSoft Unity experts will tell you what to look for to find the team and some peculiarities of Unity game development.

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Why Choose Unity?

According to RexSoft’s experts, Unity is probably the best game development engine at the moment. Its software architecture is well thought out, the editor is well done and gets better with each version. It’s easy to start using Unity, but only in the hands of experienced unity game developers it becomes a really powerful tool. Many of today’s hits are developed on Unity, and we’ve seen firsthand just how much of the potential game engine has in our projects. You can find the result on our pages on Google Play Store and App Store.

Look For A Company That Can Create Assets

If you want to develop a hit, you need your game to not only feel good from a gameplay side but also look good. Consequently, you need quality graphic assets. The first and most obvious way to get them is to buy them from the Unity Assets Store. But no matter how tempting this option is, it also entails a number of complications.

Assets in the Unity Assets Store are available to everyone, without exception. However, no one wants their game to duplicate others. Moreover, it’s impossible to buy one asset pack that will satisfy all needs of the project, and there is a problem with the stylistic compatibility. The quality of the purchased assets often leaves out a lot of your needs as well.

The alternative is to look for a company that provides asset creation services. Of course, this route takes more time and money than just buying something from the Unity Assets Store. However, the resulting assets are unique and of much higher quality. That is why we at RexSoft provide a full-cycle service that includes asset creation.

Pay Special Attention To The Legislation

When choosing a team, agree on everything at once and make sure you are understood. Look for someone who will be interested in solving the challenges of your project. Work with someone who has the experience, and set goals together. And most importantly, put all agreements in a contract. It is best if this contract complies with the laws of both parties: yours and the development team.

At RexSoft, we have opened several offices, one of which is located in the United States. This allows us to sign contracts in full compliance with U.S. laws. This way we are always on the same page as the client.

Figure Out Which Engagement Model Suits You Best

When hiring Unity developers you should always start from your needs, goals, and budget. Decide what you need. A full Unity development team to do the project from start to finish? Or maybe you want to outsource a specific task or part of the project?  What is your development budget?

Depending on your answer, you can choose the engaging model that suits you best.

  • For example, if you want to develop everything within one company – you’re better suited to a full-time hiring with 160+ hours per month.
  • If you’re going to outsource part of the project, the best choice is part-time, where one or more specialists will work on a task for about 80 hours a month.
  • And if you want flexible cost management, you can choose hourly hiring, where you pay only for the number of hours your project actually needs.

We at RexSoft provide all of the above-mentioned cooperation models for the greatest convenience of our clients.

And one last tip. When looking for a Unity game development team it is worth remembering that there are a lot of different professionals behind the game development, with expertise in programming, 3D modeling, sound, animation, UI / UX, and visual art. It is best when all these people are gathered in one place, and their interaction is fine-tuned. Contact RexSoft to hire a team of Unity programmers to develop a new hit.

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