Unlocking The Power Of Fiber Internet: Everything You Need To Know

The emergence of affordable fiber internet packages has reignited a spark of excitement about home internet use and new opportunities. Gone are the days of sluggish downloads and buffering movies.

With fiber broadband, you can now open up a world of possibilities, including seamless streaming and lag-free gaming for the very best home entertainment experience.

But what exactly sets fiber internet apart from its predecessors? How can it revolutionize your own online experience? Here we delve into the pros of fiber internet.

Unlocking Power Fiber Internet Need Know


Understanding Fiber Internet

You might see fiber internet also described as fiber broadband or fiber optic broadband. These names are interchangeable and all refer to the same technology that represents a significant upgrade from cable internet.

Fiber internet utilizes fiber optic cables rather than the copper cable connections you may currently be using. Fiber optic cables offer near-unlimited bandwidth.

This means that a fiber broadband package can fully cater to the needs of your family, whether you are gamers, movie buffs, or looking to start a business from home.

In even the busiest households, fiber optic broadband can take care of your internet connection without a glitch. A smooth and uninterrupted connection is a given with fiber broadband so you can have the very best experience of HD streaming, gaming marathons, and stress-free video calls and online meetings.

Overview Of Benefits

If you’re a home internet user looking to switch from a copper cable connection to fiber internet, here are the five key improvements you’ll see.

  • Seamless streaming: Wave farewell to infuriating buffering interruptions through your favorite shows and movies.
  • Lag-free gaming: Enjoy smoother gameplay and improved responsiveness. Your gaming experience will be free of lags and latency issues.
  • Flawless video calls: Say goodbye to embarrassing frozen screens and choppy audio within your important work or business calls and catch-ups with friends and family.
  • Faster uploads and downloads: There will be no need to wait hours when transferring large files. With faster internet speeds, fiber internet makes moving hefty files a breeze.
  • Multi-device connectivity: Thanks to its generous bandwidth, fiber internet connections can accommodate multiple devices operating simultaneously. Every member of your household can be online at the same time and still enjoy uninterrupted connections.

Decoding The Mechanics

Fiber broadband offers the fastest internet connection available anywhere in the world. Through this type of connectivity, data can travel almost as fast as the speed of light. This is possible because fiber cables are made from incredibly thin strands of glass bundled together.

Hundreds of strands lie within one cable.

Fiber cables are laid under streets, although they are occasionally run overground high in the air. The fiber connection can then be relayed into your home via a small utility box that you would need to have installed in readiness.

How Much Faster Is Fiber Internet?

The predecessors of fiber broadband connections use what is now considered outdated technology. If you don’t yet use fiber broadband, you may be using the internet through the same cable through which your cable television was set up, or maybe even an ADSL connection through your telephone wire.

In Jordan, where some internet users are still using these older connections, the average internet speed in 2022 was 53 MB per second (Mbps). Compare this to the speeds offered by Orange Jordan which can be as fast as 10,000 Mbps.

This speed is going to make a huge difference to downloads, streaming and gaming.

Can You Access Fiber Internet Technology Yet?

Fiber optics connections are being installed in many communities that will replace or add to existing telephone and television connection modes.

To determine whether you are currently able to connect to a network of fiber broadband cables near your home, you need to check with your local provider. Fiber broadband providers like Orange Jordan often provide an easy-to-use address checker or coverage map on their website.

Understanding Fiber Broadband Packages

If fiber broadband is available to you, then to get started you will need to choose a provider and then one of their packages. Not all fiber broadband providers can give you the same quality of service or internet speeds. You will, therefore, need to compare their offers.

Be On The Lookout For Differences In

If fiber broadband is available to you, then to get started you will need to choose a provider and then one of their packages. Not all fiber broadband providers can give you the same quality of service or internet speeds. You will, therefore, need to compare their offers.

Be on the lookout for differences in:

  • Connection speeds: While all providers will be offering faster speeds through fiber than you are currently using with your older technology, they are likely to vary in what they can offer. You might be able to choose between packages of something like 200 Mbps through to 10,000 Mbps. To make the most of your upgrade, avail of the fastest speeds available within your budget.
  • Additional benefits: Many providers look to tempt users with additional perks. Some of these may be useful or appealing to you, so look out for some good offers. They may include free installation, cell line subscriptions, or discounts on streaming services, for example.
  • Package prices can vary widely: In Jordan, you can opt for a basic package for as little as JOD 18 that will still improve your internet connection. Remember that basic packages are less likely to include free installation so you will need to factor the cost of that into your decision. Premium packages cost JOD 300 with Orange Jordan but this supplies you with the fastest possible speeds and a range of additional perks.


Before you sign up for any package, don’t forget to research the provider’s reputation for connection reliability and quality of customer service. You will then need to weigh up your options, balancing speed, reliability, perks and price to reach a decision.

Welcoming Fiber Internet Into Your Home

In a digital world where trustworthy and seamless connectivity is increasingly important, fiber broadband can offer you improved speeds and reliability. Consider taking advantage of new connections in your area. Start by exploring what’s available and how it could enhance your online experience.

Do you want a more reliable connection for working from home? Would you enjoy leaving behind the frustration of gaming and streaming through a slow connection? Then fiber is likely to provide the solution you need.

Unlocking Power Fiber Internet Need Know


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