Unusual Headphones

Solar Powered Headphone. One hour of sunlight should provide more than 2.67 hours of running time for the headphones when operating on maximum volume. Just one of the coolest headphones that we found.

The Q-SOUND headphones would not only allow you to listen to music via any Bluetooth-enabled digital audio player, but also would let you take calls on any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. If your player doesn’t support Bluetooth there is also a 3.5mm jack to allow for a wired connection. The headband is constructed of flexible plastic incorporating amorphous silicon solar cells, while each rubber-based earpiece can be adjusted to fit differently shaped and sized heads.

headphones04 Next up is the Wooden headphone. Unusual headphones made out of nine layers of varnished plywood.


Then we have the Magnetic Earphone Japan’s Thanko introduced their new earring phones, the Sounds Live Magnetic Earphone. Like earrings, they just have to be clipped to an earlobe to hear music. They provide a frequency response of 20Hz-25,000Hz, an impedance of 32Ω, and a sensitivity of 100dB/mW.