USB Wall Outlet: No More Searching For The Power Adapter

Have you ever needed to charge your cell phone only to realize that you left the USB power adapter at home on your desk? How many times can you stop by the same Apple store to borrow one of their cradles conveniently hot glued to the display table? Seriously, you’ve never jack powered while pretending to casually shop? Worse, you traveled internationally and just arrived home only to realize that your AC adapter is still in your former hotel room in Istanbul.

Imagine walking in the door and just plugging your USB cable into the wall right next to the coffee maker. This way, when you get up in the morning, everything is right there where you need it ready to go. Fresh hot coffee ready to jump start your day, assuming you remembered to program the clock correctly, and your mobile device fully charged and loaded with the days digital news. At this point, you are likely to pinch yourself wondering if you are dreaming, or worse, if I am making all this up.

The reality is that NewerTech has developed the Power2u AC/USB wall outlet. This item lists for $29.99 and is available from retailers like Other World Computing. While the buy in price may be rather steep to retrofit your entire home, a few strategically placed outlets could save you a lot of trouble. A word of caution though, I would not encourage you to replace any GFCI type outlets with these, so please consult your regional building and electrical code for installation details relating to your area.

One place that these outlet would be truly welcome is in your favorite bar/restaurant. In addition, imagine if every hotel room had one of these. It would sure make traveling a fair bit easier. Truthfully, some of the 4 star accommodations already do have similar devices, but in this economy, who can afford to stay in 4 star hotels?

install the power2u in kitchen

Image Credit: [NewerTech]