VIDGO Streaming Media In LA – A Match Made In Heaven

Where better to launch a revolutionary new streaming media app than the Entertainment Capital of the World? Set to launch in key markets like New York, Atlanta, and LA, VIDGO TV recently announced the upcoming launch in Los Angeles in what could be the catalyst in revolutionizing the world of cable and broadcast television as we know it today.

In fact, the excitement is building among followers of VIDGO who have already become loyal fans on social media pages and are eagerly watching for ‘the day’ when they can finally take their favorite programs with them wherever they go to watch them live. How great will that be? We’re soon to find out!

A Colossal Market

Imagine launching a streaming media app that has the potential to reach 17.8 million residents just in one single marketplace? That would be what you would get in the Greater Metro LA market. As of the 2015 estimate released by the United States Census, that is just how many people live in the metro area at the moment, having grown from 13 million in 2010. At this rate of growth, VIDGO will be able to serve just about 10% of the nation’s population within a few years in just one market. That’s beyond what the mind can comprehend.

So, What Exactly Is VIDGO?

You are probably wondering, at this point, exactly what is VIDGO and why is there so much excitement surrounding this one little app? Well, first, there is nothing ‘little’ about VIDGO. It’s huge! You can download one free app to your mobile (or stationary as the case may be) device and then with a subscription at a small fraction of what you pay for cable TV you can watch all your favorite programs live as they are broadcast/aired, just like on the networks. The difference is that you can also get local channels, your favorite movies and all in real time if that’s what you want.

Again, what sets VIDGO apart is that not only can you get local channels which you often pay extra for on satellite and some cable providers, but as it is, the cost is much, much lower than the monthly subscription to cable/satellite. Also, there are no contracts or credit checks. Just pay as you go.

Grab Them Where They Are

If you were going to launch a revolutionary new startup, what markets would you choose? This is a key issue with an app like VIDGO because it’s an entertainment app. VIDGO is streaming media at its finest and so it makes sense to launch it in a market where literally millions of people pass through each year hoping to catch the taping of a show they follow or a glimpse of their favorite celebs out on the boulevard.

In LA, even the news is typically about what star did what, who they are seeing and which star is about to sign with which studio. Speaking of studios, VIDGO will be the perfect app to boost ratings because now viewers won’t need to be by a television when the program or movie is being aired. They won’t need to remember to set the DVR to record and they can simply pull out their cell phone, load the app and watch as the program is aired. Does this make you wonder how Nielsen will need to change their metrics when ranking programs each season? It’s food for thought, at the very least.

Yes, excitement is building and it won’t be much longer. Soon you’ll be able to watch all your favorite shows on the go and the best part is, the app is free and the subscription is unbelievably low for what you get. LA is poised for the upcoming launch but this doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage where you are either! Simply download the app and wait for the news. Metro markets offer key metrics but viewers around the country can still be a part of the launch. Just don’t be caught off guard – the day is near.

VIDGO – Changing The Way We Watch Media

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