Want To Track Your Computer When You Lose It?!

Security and safety can be a big concern nowadays.  Let us face it, times are tough and we want to make sure that we are aware of the tools that can help us feel a bit more secure.  Most of the valued items that are in the radar of thieves are those of gadgets like computers and the mobile phones.  I have heard horror stories regarding situations where people lost their valuable goods and had no way of tracing them.  I myself have been victimized by someone who picked pocketed my mobile phone.

Good thing that there are developers who come up with ways to make sure that we are able to do a bit of tracking, just in case it happens to you.  Christopher Finke developed FireFound.   He said he the main reason he created FireFound was in anticipation of the release of Mozilla’s mobile browser. He wanted a way to ensure that if he lost his phone/mobile computer, his private data would not be susceptible to theft by whomever had possession of his device.

FireFound is an add-on for Firefox and Fennec (mobile Firefox) that helps your find your computer (or mobile phone, in the case of Fennec) if it is lost or stolen. Every time your computer’s location changes, FireFound sends a secure message to a central server with its current location. You can then log into the server and see your computer’s current location.  All of the location data is encrypted, so no one can find out where your computer is without your password.  If you lose your computer, you can tell FireFound to clear your personal data (saved passwords, browsing history, etc.) if anyone starts your browser before you can retrieve it.  You can even run your own FireFound server; all of the code is open-source.

You can download it HERE.

Main Image Source: Gizmodo Anti Theft