Thermoelectric Wristwatch Converts Body Heat Into Electricity

Thermoelectric generating devices are more common than you may realize. It’s a device that converts heat directly into electrical energy. Right now, they are mostly used in the space and automobile industries, but as the technology progresses, we will start to see thermoelectric generators used in our everyday lives. In this example, it’s used in a wristwatch. This watch takes a person’s body heat and converts it into electricity, which is pretty incredible in my opinion.

Right now this watch is in the prototype stage, but even so, it created a buzz at CES 2013. The thermoelectric generator which manipulates the body heat is only the size of a dime. It was created by a company called Perpetua Power. In the video below, you will see Popular Science’s Corinne Iozzio and Marcus from Perpetua Power discuss this high tech watch.

Since this thermoelectric generator is so small, it can use body heat to create power for all kinds of mobile devices, not just this particular watch. The applications for this are endless when you think about it. It’s quite exciting really. It could power small devices like heart-rate monitors, watches, Bluetooth locator devices and anything small that touches the skin, which produces body heat.

The way this technology works is that the amount of power generated from body heat is proportional to the surface area that is touching the skin. Technically, it could power larger devices if the surface area of those devices covers more skin. This body heat power system is expected to be available in devices in the stores within the next few years. Wow, we need this pronto! I remember reading about a smartphone charger that used body heat to power phones a few years ago. This will all be mainstream before we know it, and it is something I am really looking forward to checking out and using in my own life.

Thermoelectric Watch That Converts Body Heat Into Electricity



Via: [Popsci]