Is Your Web-Based Application Mobile Friendly Enough?

There is a world of reasons that play in favor of owning a web-based application. Not only will it mean increased ease of access from any device and at any time, but also the convenience of updating the application without the extra hustle of making your users download and install the updates on their computers. What makes these applications even better is the fact that they embrace interoperability between themselves and other web-based solutions.

However, the internet is fraught with competitors, with all other application vendors looking to stay one step ahead. Given that mobile internet traffic secures 51.2% of the total global internet traffic, according to the Statista website, making your site mobile friendly is a sure way to be on the favorable side of the competition curve. The question is, is your web-based application mobile friendly enough?

Here are a few tips for making it more mobile friendly.

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Work With A Responsive Design

A responsive web-based app design helps to make your website viewable on different devices. It further reduces the amount of work that your app developers will have to commit to. Such a design will help you embrace flexible image sizes and site layouts. Since your audience base will typically use mobile devices of different screen sizes, the application will offer them the user experience they deserve.

A responsive design ensures your app is able to detect the screen size and layout of the users’ devices and adjust accordingly. In addition to working with skilled web developers, also consider integrating application monitoring services to help in further improving the responsiveness of your app and ensure faster troubleshooting.

Optimize The App For Voice Search

With a time-poor customer base and the convenience that mobile devices have to offer, it makes sense why voice search is becoming even more prevalent. While including the capability to type-search is still vital, looking to optimize your web-based application for voice search will make it more appealing to your users.

Luckily, voice search integration is not rocket science and working with the right people will make it achievable. If you have content within your website, feel free to write in a conversational tone while trying to answer common questions that your users might ask about your website. Additionally, consider localizing your site as well as optimizing your content with schema data.

Increase The Speed Of Your Application

As attention spans keep shrinking, the last thing your customer base will need is to try and use your online application only for it to take ages while loading. People expect to get services within the minimum time possible without compromising on quality. Otherwise, you might lose customers to competitors who have a faster loading application.

To increase your page load speeds and mobile friendliness of your web-based application, consider taking necessary steps like installing a CDN and a caching plugin, according to Webopedia.  Additionally, optimizing the images in the app to respond well in relation to the users’ devices and internet speeds.

Simplify The Interactions And Navigations

In case your optimized desktop application has a wide navigation menu, it might take up a big chunk of the space on a mobile device. The intuitive approach to make your web-based app mobile friendly is to hide the navigation links behind a menu button. As a result, visitors will only have to press the menu button to start navigating through the site.

Also, consider that mobile users will tend to swipe against the screen as well as tap on your links to interact with your website. Ensuring your site is optimized for touchscreens among other mobile interactions methods is a sure way to offer your visitors a worthwhile experience.

Mobile Friendliness – Conclusion

Having a mobile-friendly app or site is not only about having a competitive edge but also about giving your customers an amazing experience while using your business apps or browsing your site. Remember, the better you look online, the more credibility your brand demands. Consider the above tips to join the mobile-first movement.

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