What Is The Best Cheap VPS Hosting In The US 2021?

You’re sitting there and asking yourself: What are my best options for a VPS in the USA? Perhaps, you are wondering what choices you have in a particular city, say, a good VPS hosting in Miami? If you’re indeed that person, you’re asking the right questions. But there are a lot of variables and peculiarities that you will need to take into consideration before you can settle on the provider.

As your business begins to grow and your site begins to see much more traffic, There is no doubt that its hosting needs begin to grow. At a point, shared hosting just won’t cut it for you. Hence, you will need more power. You will need a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Now, in a country like the US, and more specifically, a big city like Miami, finding the best VPS hosting plan can be daunting. However, not for lack of options. In fact, your problem stems from too many options that you’re just as likely to stumble upon a bad one in equal measure as you can a good one.

Rather than have you go through all the trouble researching every VPS host imaginable (there are a ton of them), let us introduce one VPS provider for all your hosting problems.

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Who is Router Hosting?

Routerhosting.com is a veteran hosting company that prides itself on providing easily accessible and affordable hosting services to individuals and businesses alike. Founded in 2008, the company has grown from being providers of dedicated servers into a specialist virtual private server and cloud VPS solutions provider.

With cutting-edge technology being manned by an experienced and professional team of engineers, Router hosting is spurred on by their mission of giving their esteemed customers a head start in an ever-demanding and ultra-competitive industry.

Routerhosting VPS solutions are available anywhere in the world that you or your businesses reside, including Miami VPS and not less than 13 other cities across the United States.

Why Router Hosting Is Your Surest VPS Solutions

Several things informed your decision to stick with your existing VPS hosting provider. For many people, it boils down to cost. If that is also the most important factor in your corner, we could certainly end this article here and now with the simple claim that Router hosting is one of the cheapest VPS solutions you can find in Miami and other cities across the US.

Unlike others, Router hosting combines cheap and affordable hosting with high-end quality of infrastructure and services.

Below are some key features The Best VPS Should Provide:

Managed Vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting

There are commonly two reasons why an unmanaged VPS hosting may appeal to some users: 1. The comparatively higher cost of managed VPS hosting and, 2. the high technical skills of the user.

Unless you’re a developer who is striving for more control, opting for unmanaged VPS hosting wouldn’t make much sense. That is why Router hosting has incorporated and integrated automation in all its VPS hosting platforms including the Windows 10 VPS services.

When you take up any of the offers with Router hosting, you don’t have to be technically proficient or worry about how to configure servers yourself. They help you with the initial setup and you can afford to adopt a hands-off approach afterward. They have services and processes in place to keep all the day-to-day running of the platform automatic.

Even if you’re a developer and thus, technically capable, wouldn’t your time be best spent focusing on other areas of your business? Router hosting realizes this by providing affordable hosting with managed servers.

Secure Hosting Services

One of the key reasons for businesses moving their sites and platforms to a virtual private server such as Router’s Windows 10 VPS is security. It’s hard for regular users to gauge this quality but any hosting provider worth its name must not cut corners when it comes to security.

Router’s hosting offerings including the Windows 10 VPS is truly an isolated and secure hosting environment. When it comes to security, systems like pre-configured authentication methods for different security level, antivirus and malware protection, firewall defense, frequent and automated updates, and vulnerability monitors are just some of the things in place to ensure your private server is truly private when you use the Windows 10 VPS hosting or that of another operating system on offer at Router hosting.

Proximity To Web Host

In any case, there are very real benefits of having your web host as close to you as possible. Proximity does not only affect the speed and reliability of the services you’re using but also in the hardware requirements that must be in place.

Router hosting is available in the USA, Europe, and Asia. In the USA, its VPS service is available not just in Miami, but in several other cities. They include:

  • Seattle VPS
  • Phoenix VPS
  • Chicago VPS
  • Buffalo VPS
  • Washington VPS
  • Pittsburgh VPS
  • Los Angeles VPS
  • Residential Ip VPS
  • San Francisco VPS
  • Dallas VPS
  • New York VPS
  • Canada VPS

Router Hosting Windows 10 VPS

One of the key factors that you want to consider before looking for a virtual private server provider is the issue of platform OS. Linux and Apache servers are good options. However, the popularity of Windows makes it a very attractive platform for your VPS solutions for all kinds of websites and services.

Router hosting provides unbeatable Windows 10 VPS hosting services at unbeatable prices. The basic plans can guarantee you a staggering 2GB of VPS RAM with easy RAID10 and free windows SSD storage. You have the enticing option of paying weekly. However, you get more value for your money and a substantial discount when you pick longer-term subscription options.

Router Hosting: Buy Cheap VPS Server With Bitcoin

In an increasingly digital world, any established hosting services provider must incorporate as many payment options that are in tune with the realities of the market today.

The reality for Router hosting today is that many customers and businesses are trading in digital currencies and markets. Thus, a natural payment option would be Bitcoin, as well as other altcoins and cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ether.

The ability to be able to pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and the rest mean digital people don’t have to convert their money to traditional currencies before they can purchase a VPS with Router hosting.

Thankfully, there’s a single answer to all those questions: Router Hosting.

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