What Are NetSuite eCommerce Development Platforms?

NetSuite is the number 1 Cloud ERP for business management that encompasses powerful eCommerce capabilities. NetSuite eCommerce development platforms include Site BuilderNetSuite SuiteCommerce, and SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA).

You already know how these NetSuite eCommerce development platforms work if you are a NetSuite developer or a NetSuite consultant. However, if you are a reader who wants to learn more about these NetSuite eCommerce development platforms, then read on!

NetSuite has been the number 1 Cloud ERP for over two decades and has served different industries. All eCommerce businesses can significantly benefit from NetSuite’s cloud platform, which is NetSuite’s back-end powerhouse that handles everything while commerce takes the front-end. NetSuite’s vast industry experience is one of the reasons why NetSuite’s eCommerce development platforms are trusted worldwide for eCommerce services.

Additionally, NetSuite and its partners provide excellent NetSuite support services, which again help build its image in the eCommerce market. NetSuite’s eCommerce development platform is straightforward to use due to its uncomplicated and simple back-end integration. Both NetSuite consultants and NetSuite developers benefit from the ease of these technological developments, making NetSuite’s eCommerce development platforms user-friendly and customizable.

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NetSuite Site Builder

NetSuite Site Builder delivers a great shopping experience for a company’s clients with an online store built on a comprehensive commerce platform. It allows companies to manage their business effortlessly and enables them to improve their operational efficiency.

NetSuite’s eCommerce solutions are not like first-generation eCommerce platforms. These solutions take a step forward by allowing for a unified system that includes inventory, marketing, financials, customer service, and order management in one streamline platform. This allows users to have a single view of their business and customers.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce

SuiteCommerce is a popular NetSuite eCommerce development platform. It is a solution that unifies eCommerce with an organization’s back-office systems. Thousands of organizations use SuiteCommerce to scale their business. SuiteCommerce is backed up with professional services, NetSuite partners, and of course, NetSuite support which helps organizations flourish in the industry.

SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)

SCA provides companies with quick and interactive web store capabilities. They empower companies to deliver extraordinary and personal shopping experiences that can be optimized for any device. SCA is similar to other NetSuite commerce services because it unifies eCommerce with the entire operating business systems, such as inventory, financials, order management, customer support, etc.

This allows companies to have a single view of clients, the orders, and the inventory stock. Furthermore, SCA also empowers NetSuite customers with crucial business data to create excellent omnichannel experiences for their clients.

Choosing The Right Platform

NetSuite eCommerce development platforms are competitive, comprehensive, and cohesive, making it challenging for average users to select the right one for their organization. This article can help users choose the right NetSuite eCommerce development platform.

For those users who want to achieve virtual business success, SuiteCommerce is the perfect platform. There are many competent partners available in the market for SuiteCommerce implementation and support. These partners have the right tools, experience, and experts on board to help make the transition smooth and easy. Ecommerce was already making waves by changing the shopping experience.

With diseases like COVID-19 emerging, more and more consumers are shifting to online shopping. This conversion from offline to online shopping has led many businesses to change to this eCommerce development platform.

SuiteCommerce has an interactive and advanced in-store experience which makes it a hit with online shoppers. Another added benefit is that it is easy to manage. The retailer also has an interactive, information-packed platform to help with sales. Since SuiteCommerce is a cloud-based solution, it is automatically updated. Benefits of selecting SuiteCommerce as your eCommerce platform include:

  • Excellent order and inventory management.
  • One unified business application for all processes.
  • An instinctive shopping experience for customers.
  • Track activities in real-time.
  • NetSuite administration for website hosting.
  • Instantly expand your business with no hassle.
  • Improved marketing capabilities.
  • Easily manage customer accounts within the platform.
  • Secured financial transactions with digital payments.
  • Auto-tracking facility to enhance customer experience.

NetSuite SuiteSuccess

NetSuite SuiteSuccess is not just a product. It is also an approach to NetSuite implementations. The procedure incorporates industry-leading practices based on the type and size of the business. SuiteSuccess fast-tracks the clients’ return on investment (ROI) while minimizing the overall risks frequently linked with technological transformations.

SuiteSuccess for eCommerce businesses offers immense value. Furthermore, it also helps companies go above and beyond their customer’s expectations. The methodology that SuiteSuccess uses is based on the existing and future market trends and industry standards.

Therefore, it dramatically reduces business risks and helps increase ROI. The predictive analytics that SuiteSuccess offers is vital to the growth of businesses in the eCommerce arena. SuiteSuccess, therefore, is a complete platform that can efficiently manage the website. SuiteSuccess is also a vital part of the NetSuite eCommerce development platform offering.

An added benefit of SuiteSuccess is that many NetSuite partners offer to set it up in just one month! NetSuite itself, however, commits to deliver a fully functional eCommerce website in 100-140 days. Other eCommerce frameworks take over 270-300 days to be fully functional, which is a lot compared to NetSuite.

The role-specific and predefined robust dashboards that are available in SuiteSuccess are a gamechanger for eCommerce companies. NetSuite’s highly configurable solution makes it easy to use for all organizations and increases its adaptability overall. There are many benefits of using SuiteSuccess as a NetSuite eCommerce development platform. These benefits include:

  • Quick and easy implementation.
  • Short time compared to any other technology source.
  • High customer conversion rate and customer engagement opportunities.
  • Improved digital marketing endeavors for clients.
  • Robust reporting capabilities and easy-to-read visuals.
  • SuiteSuccess offers single platform support for its clients.

SuiteSuccess is both offered as a product and a methodology by NetSuite consultants. SuiteSuccess can be bought along with the NetSuite software, and you can customize it to meet your exact business needs. It can help you deliver a wide range of services such as prebuilt industry-specific functionalities, prebuilt industry-specific reports, an intuitive dashboard, and customizable functions and roles based on your needs. As for the implementation, that is done via a discussion with your NetSuite consultant.


The purpose of this article was to assist readers who are looking for the right NetSuite eCommerce development platform for their business. We hope you have enjoyed reading our post and can better understand the many capable options you have from NetSuite for your eCommerce website.

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