What Would An Adidas Car Look Like? – Now We Know!

A common pattern with the larger corporations is that when they feel they have depleted the ideas for their core products, they venture out into other areas. This is so common that we sometimes don’t even know about it. IKEA is a perfect example. Even though they are one of the world’s largest, if not THE largest, furniture and interior design company, they also ventured into the banking area some years after they conquered the world with their simple yet stylish furniture.

There is a lot to learn here, and it won’t be the last time a company that starts out small will try to conquer a new area of business in order to bring in more cash flow to their chambers. This is exactly what designer Chris Duff decided to conceptualize.

He decided on a company that we all know, but that most of us would see unlikely to venture into an area of automotive production. That company is Adidas, one of the world’s premiere shoe manufacturers. Chris certainly did his homework on this one. He looked at all the patterns, materials, shapes and colors that Adidas has used for their sometimes groundbreaking shoes, and pulled them all together into a futuristic car that I am sure you have never seen before. It is probably unlikely that Adidas will ever venture into this industry. However, at least now we know what it will look like if they ever do.