Which Equipment Makes You A Better Hunter?

Hunting is one of the most thrilling outdoor activities anyone can engage in. It is fun, improves your concentration, and exercises your body. Bringing a rabbit or deer home after a hunt gives you a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Whether you practice it as a sport or it’s just a pass-time activity, however, one thing is for sure. Whether you are an experienced passionate hunter or you are just starting out, you have to be armed with the proper gear and equipment while out there in the field.

Having the right equipment during a hunt maximizes your chances of bringing a good catch home. It helps ensure your safety while making your experience more exciting and less frustrating. With this having been said, here are a few pieces of equipment that make you a better hunter.

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1. The Right Weapons

Well, your weapon is the basic essential piece of equipment you need when going for a hunt. However, these may vary from one hunt to another. In other words, different kinds of hunting may require different approaches, tools, and weapons. For instance, the best weapon to hunt down deer may not necessarily work when hunting fowl.

It is important to choose your hunting weapon carefully for every situation. All the same, common types of hunting weapons include bow and arrow, hunting firearm, spears, slings, and knives. To become a better hunter, you must choose the right weapon for the type of animal you are hunting.

2. Rangefinder

To become a great hunter, you definitely need a rangefinder. These gadgets are just cool from every dimension. Using laser technology, they help calculate the distance between you and your target while on a hunt, displaying it in meters or yards within seconds. By knowing the distance with accuracy, these babies help minimize your chances of making a careless short that will scare your target away.

As pointed out by David Harris from Point Optics, today’s top rangefinders come with many advanced features designed to maximize your kill rate. When choosing a rangefinder, some factors you would want to consider include:

  • Purpose of use
  • Maximum range
  • Price
  • Optics
  • Waterproofing
  • Size and weight
  • Advanced features

3. Binoculars

This is another game-changer in hunting. Binoculars help you spot and view your targets easily from a distance. Fog and waterproof binoculars are best since they are suitable for all weather. Properly cleaning and maintaining your binoculars will help to keep them functioning properly to guarantee you the best results.

With advanced binoculars that come with image recording technology, you will be lucky enough to capture your best and worst moments during a hunt. Actually, some rangefinders also come combined with a feature for binoculars.

4. First Aid Kit

When you venture into hunting, you are exposed to a myriad of injury risks. Apart from diseases, some risks hunters face include falls, physical attacks, and insect bites, just to name a few. But that should not stop you from engaging in your new-found hobby.

This is why you should brace yourself with a first aid kit, so you are prepared just in case. When heading out for a hunt, ensure your kit has a bandage, ointment, gauze, and any medical requirement concerning your health state.

5. Flashlight

When it comes to hunting, the animals come in two groups: Nocturnal and diurnal. If you aim at a nocturnal animal, you may have to brace yourself with a flashlight. It helps you maneuver through the thickets, read maps, and track animal movements. It is also used as a form of communication between hunters at night.

6. GPS

Hunting is easier if you have a better picture of the area’s paths and routes. In addition to helping you navigate your hunting area better, a handheld GPS makes it easier to find animal hideout routes and hunting spots. Other functions of the GPS include:

  • Fine-tune your scouting findings
  • Help in marking trails
  • Tracing the time a hunter was in a specific place
  • Identify and note down stand locations

All the same, GPS devices are prone to damage and malfunctions. This makes it essential to have a backup map just in case.

7. Backpack

Finally, a backpack is a must when going hunting. It is a tedious experience that will make you more tired when you decide to carry everything with your hands. A good hunting backpack will make it easy to store and carry your equipment and arsenal around for easy access while out there. Don’t forget that arranging the tools efficiently improves and eases hunting sessions.

Also, remember that hunting is sometimes an energy-draining exercise. Do not forget to pack a few snacks and beverages to keep you fueled up throughout the adventurous activity. These are just some of the equipment you need to better your hunting prowess.

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