Which GPUs Are Good For Ryzen Processors?

Building your own PC can be an excellent choice because you can save more money than if you buy a ready-made PC. Purchasing each component separately and assembling every part yourself is what lowers the price, and this also allows you to feel good about building something from scratch at the same time.

However, every component must be compatible with each other; otherwise,  the computer won’t work properly if the parts don’t work well together. When it comes to Ryzen processors, you need a strong  GPU that allows you to get the most out of the CPU’s capabilities. Read on to learn more about finding the right GPU that works well with Ryzen processors.

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The Relationship Between GPUs And CPUs

Even though some people believe that the GPU is the most important piece of hardware, both components are paramount. Even with their differences and tasks, a modern computer cannot function without either of them. The processor is the key component that deals with most computing tasks, including the functionality of the operating system, background programs, and receiving or sending data.

The level of coordination that a computer goes through with a processor is vital. However, it needs a strong and compatible graphics card to streamline the rendering phases and repetitive calculations quickly and smoothly during heavy workloads and strenuous activities.

The Highest-Rated Choices

The market has numerous appealing choices that can be excellent for your new build, but you just need to narrow them down based on performance levels and prices. Here are some of the most notable graphics cards that can be worth the cost.

  • RX 5700 XT 8GB: This model is considered to be one of the most convenient choices for most builds, whether you have 3700X, 3800X, or 3800XT. Advice from several gamers and tech enthusiasts suggests that the best GPU to go with your 3700X build must have appealing 1440p performance. Luckily, this model fits that requirement, and your Ryzen 3700X CPU will work smoothly with this pairing. It has a 1905MHz game clock, 3 display ports, image sharpening features, and 7-nanometer technology.
  • RTX 2080 Ti: This is another good choice for Ryzen processors because it will create a powerful build. It will give you high FPS and excellent benchmark scores, giving you your money’s worth. Even though it’s a little pricey, the value it provides is worth it. This card is great for 1440P 100Hz or 4K 60Hz gaming. It comes with triple-fan cooling and extra room to overlock, giving you powerful delivery and performance.
  • GTX 1660 Super: This card provides stellar 1440P performance, but it struggles slightly with 4K. However, it can run most modern games, giving you value for money capabilities. It has 6GB GDDR6 RAM, 1830 MHz boost clock, and a dual-fan. It might not be as strong as other choices, but it’s a nice affordable alternative that will do the job well.
  • RX 580: The sapphire version of this card is another affordable model that will give you great acoustic performance. It has 8GB GDDR5 RAM, 1350 MHz boost clock, a dual-fan, and an ATX form factor. It’s great for a lot of the recent high-end games.

Compatibility Is Everything

Understanding how both components work will help you grasp the importance of compatibility. In theory, any pairing can make the computer function, but wrong pairing with specific builds will have you stuck at a certain performance level. To avoid getting low-performance levels with the wrong graphics card with your Ryzen build, you need to get the right GPU that will not get bottlenecked by the CPU.

This occurs when the graphics card is too powerful for the processor, making it limit its performance because it can’t handle the computing requests. It causes lagging and decreased performance when you play video games or work on certain graphical design projects. The annoying part about this is that even if you lower your settings, you will still not get the best performance. Consider researching the exact correct model for each component and make sure they’re compatible, allowing you to save some money on purchases and replacements.

If you’re a gamer, graphic designer, or software engineer, you will benefit from the right pairing of a GPU and CPU. Ryzen processors are excellent pieces of hardware that can provide you with the highest performance, but you can’t access the best it has to offer without a proper GPU. You need a compatible graphics card to streamline the process of displaying the most beautiful pictures or videos on your screen. This is the key to a better experience no matter what you do when you use your computer.

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