Who Says You Can’t Play Guitar With A… Shovel!

There are many instruments that have been subject to re-thinking and re-design. Some have turned out to be pure flops, while others have lingered on in our minds as cool. However, usually we don’t see many odd instruments making it up on the stage, at least not with the popular artists around the world. Our mainstream instruments such as the guitar, drums and bass are the ones that make a band complete. What is the weirdest looking guitar you have ever seen?

I am sure you will find this one quite odd. My question is, of course, who said you can’t play guitar with a shovel? Well, no one really. That’s why this seemingly crazy DIY:er decided to create what most of us never thought we’d see. Don’t mind the quite annoying presentation of the video. The sound and commenting on top of each other, and a stream of images makes it quite intense. You might have to tell yourself to have patience a few times until it has reached the end.

The build; however, is awesome (even though I would never get one). Still, getting that clean sound out of a shovel has to be a feat of some kind. See this is definitely a message to everyone that keeps telling themselves there are limits to things. If you can dream it you can achieve it. Simple as that!