Why Choose Ukrainian IT Companies For Software Development?

So you are new to the world of software development, and you are not very familiar with the hiring process for software development companies. Or you must have heard people advise you that for a smoothly running tech business chooses a software development firm based in Ukraine.

Your mind might be flooded with loads of questions regarding what is so unique in Ukraine and what makes these Ukrainian companies so different from others. Well, the suggestions are not wrong, and we will back up our statements through evidence and facts that will convince you to go for Ukrainian software development companies for your precious tech business.

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Ukraine Is The Choice Of The World’s Leading Companies

It is no exaggeration, the world’s leading tech companies like Nokia, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Reuters all have invested enough in Ukraine to turn it into a hub of software development. They outsource their projects to this country’s companies and hire the best possible specialists on an on-going basis.

They did go for Ukraine because they find skill, talent, and potential in them. More than 75% of the IT business companies outsource their projects to Ukraine, emphasizing the fact that Ukrainian companies are a competent and faithful partner to hand over your software development projects.

If you are thinking about making this decision, pay attention to this web development company from Ukraine. They have been providing development outsourcing services for the USA and Western Europe for over 8 years.

Equally important is the fact that this company has access to the latest development tools and cutting-edge technologies, which in turn allows them to create the best IT solutions for the most demanding customers.

They Are Full Of Innovation

Another brilliant reason to hire a Ukrainian company is its creativity. They are full of ideas, and hiring a Ukrainian company would mean you got yourself a considerate vendor and someone who could put life to your project through some amazing new concepts and ideas.

And what else are you looking for, for your startups? A software development company offering unique insights to glorify your project. Then there is nothing more to think of and quickly outsource your project to a well-equipped software development company from Ukraine.

Ukrainian Government Welcomes Foreign Customers

This is one of the best factors that convince any start-up or company to hire a Ukrainian company for software development. Because their government holds no restrictions for global businesses, on the other hand, they wholeheartedly welcome foreign customers.

As the IT services have become the most significant export in Ukraine, the government tries its best to ensure the business is conducted smoothly between both parties and puts all efforts to maintain the quality and faith for further business deals. The government even passed a bill to protect Ukrainian software development companies and the foreign companies that employ them to ensure a lawful business culture.

Ukrainian Law Favors Foreign Business

The Ukrainian government is highly supportive of the global industry with tech companies, as that brings them a lot of profits. To sustain these profits and maintain such high export rates, they framed special trade laws for IT companies that hire Ukrainian companies for software development.

They exempted the tech business companies demanding IT services from paying Ukrainian VATs. As well as that, they designed the intellectual property court to deal with the issues of the burgeoning software development industry.

Ukraine Possesses A Robust Technical Approach

Education has always been Ukraine’s leading factor and a sharp point. And the fact to highlight is that the education of Ukraine has a unique technical approach. There are about 400 educational institutions in Ukraine that are based on technical programs. Each year an average of 40,000 highly qualified software developers graduate in Ukraine with highly proficient technical knowledge and technical disciplines.

Currently, there are about 90,000 software developers in Ukraine, and these rates seem to rise by 20% each year. In general, the total number of people involved in technical services are 220, 000, which is the highest number of employed professional staff in Europe.

Pocket-Friendly Services

It has already been mentioned that the Ukrainian government exempts IT business companies from paying VATs. Considering other taxes, the IT companies pay a meager share of 5% tax from their incomes, thereby saving around 60% of expenses.

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