Why You Need A Video Summarizer For Your Content Production

There are two important things that are changing the internet now. First is the continuing emergence and spreading of long-form content. Throw a rock anywhere on YouTube, and you sure will hit somebody doing an interview, or podcast, or doing an interview on a podcast.

The other thing is mobile social media — it facilitates quick and convenient content consumption with the help of short and concise vertical clips. How do we get on that horse with our marketing endeavors? Let’s try and use an automated video summary generator.

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How To Promote Long-Form Content

Let’s say you are a media company that produces any type of video content: TV series, movies, game shows, podcasts, interviews, documentaries, or whatever else.

And you host that content on a dedicated platform — that may be a proprietary streaming platform or a public one, like YouTube.

But it is not enough. To get as many people watching your content as possible, you have to go beyond your home platforms and promote on all kinds of social media.

The problem is — as we have mentioned in the beginning — that many social media platforms are mobile-oriented. Who uses Instagram on the desktop, really? Apart from streamers, that is.

People consume content from social media while they’re on the go, which is why they prefer shorter clips.

So, it would make the perfect sense to create brief summaries of your long-form content to lure the viewers to your main platform, where they can get the full experience. Now, the question is how we do it.

Creating Video Summaries

The process with summary is simple: a person finds a summary on social media, gets hooked by the content, and follows a link to enjoy the content in its entirety. Congratulations, you have generated more views for your long-form video content.

Now, let’s talk about how you can create those video summaries.

Manual Video Summarization

It is as easy as it sounds: you just get the footage you need to summarize; you sit a couple of editors in front of the computers, and you have them watch the content and cut it into a short summary. Nothing wrong with that.

Except that, it takes a lot of time, which could be spent on more creative tasks.

Automated Video Summarizer

The most effective way to approach the task is implementing a video summary generator — the software that can analyze the video content, pinpoint the most important parts, and compile them into a coherent summary.

As usual, the devil is in the details. You can’t just apply any type of technology if you hope to get consistent results.

For instance, using simple AI algorithms won’t work for such a task. There are AI tools that offer some sort of video summarization, but what they usually do is transcribe all that is said in the footage into text and then let you choose the phrases you need. After you’ve done that, the software goes on and cuts the clips corresponding to the phrases into a summary.

The problem is — you still have to oversee and actively participate in the process. On top of that, the method loses its effectiveness when you work with other types of content — like sporting events where not every important moment can be supplemented with informative commentary.

The sort of video summarizer you need is the one powered by a more complex set of tech — like Cognitive Computing. Such a tool uses a plethora of algorithms, like probabilistic AI, math modeling, computer vision, and more, to actually understand the context of the footage it analyzes.

This way, it can make sense of what parts are the most important in a particular piece of video content and cut the footage accordingly. In that case, speech-to-text tech is only used to make sure that phrases don’t get cut off too early.

At the end of the day, you get concise and coherent video summaries ready to share on social media.

Author Bio: Pavel Saskovec, Technical Writer at AIHunters – a cognitive computing company providing tech solutions for the media and entertainment industry. Has extensive experience covering tech-related topics, the majority of which center around technology helping optimize the workflow of the media industry.

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