Will We See Gadgets Like These in The Future?

We are so lucky to be experiencing technology today.  There are all kinds of new gadgets being designed to make life easier, comfortable and truly enjoyable.  But have you ever wondered how technology will evolve and change the way we live in the future?

When I was a young kid, I would watch science fiction movies and always wonder what if they were real.  And they are real now, well most of them at least, like flying space ships and going to a different planets.. they were just in the movies back then but a reality now.  I think we can expect creative people in the science world to develop products that are not only amazing to look at but useful too.

I found some cool gadgets  that we might see in the future.  One is a mirror that can tell us what’s wrong with us just by looking at our reflection.  There is a gadget that helps us dream better dreams (sleep inducer), a traffic ticket that is so techie and a bluetooth device that you can implant on a person’s tooth. My favorite is a computer that allows you to build on the spot whatever you design on it.

You can check out more of the gadgets at Futurist Vision.

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