World’s Largest Headphones Let You Feel The Music In Your Whole Body

When you think about what the world’s largest headphones might look like, you probably imagine some humongous ear cups that would cradle your head like a big hat. As it turns out, the largest headphones don’t look like that at all. As a matter of fact, they are so large that they won’t even touch your head. Don’t go thinking they aren’t powerful though. These headphones pack a punch when it comes to delivering a high quality sound experience. They look like a lot of fun too.

These are the largest headphones in the world, and they were created by Dallyn Rule for the recent Maker Faire in Vancouver. He made these headphones with 100% recycled materials, and they are completely functional. They almost look like two speakers with a little headphone cushion covering them, but it turns out, they are much more sophisticated than that.

According to Dallyn, when you listen to music through these headphones, it’s like the same amplified, isolated experience as you’d get if you were actually wearing headphones. The difference is, you can ‘feel the sound’ in your whole body instead of just on your head. Even though it seems like playing music this way would affect the people around you, it’s apparently still a very personal music experience, just like standard headphones. In other words, people who are near you wouldn’t be able to hear the music like you, even though they’d be very close by, if that makes sense.

Even though these are the world’s largest headphones, they may be about to get even larger. Dallyn hopes to make another version of these soon, and next time, they will be even bigger and better. I would love to put a small bed between these ear cups and fall asleep at night listening to music. It would be one of the only times I would be able to lay on a pillow without the headphones hurting my head!

World’s Largest Headphones



Via: [Damn Geeky]