WTH? – The Official Iron Man Motorcycle Suit

For all you men out there that wonder what women like, let me just tell you, this is not sexy… no way, no how. It’s funny, that’s true, but don’t expect to impress a lot of ladies with this one guys.

Earlier today I wrote an article about how to create some very cool VMAX motorcycle paper craft art. Shortly after that, one of our readers, who would like to remain anonymous for fear that his reputation for being cool will be tarnished, sent me this Iron Man motorcycle suit to share with you.

This recently released suit is made of spandex (yeah baby!), cowhide leather and aluminum metallic leather. It will cost you a whopping $1,298. Officially called the Iron Man Mark V Motorcycle Suit, this thing does Tony Stark proud since this “movie replica” suit takes much of the same armor deployment technology and implements it into the suit itself.

Too bad it doesn’t come with a “movie replica” of Robert Downey, Jr. also! My question is, wouldn’t you get kicked out of your cool biker dude club if you wore this in out in public? #justsayin Nice sunglasses though.

[via likecool]