This Is What Your Apartment Will Look Like In 2080 [Infographic]

As cities become more and more populated, living spaces will continue to get smaller. We’ve all known this for a while, and we’ve seen some really creative designs that optimize the space in smaller apartments. I remember 2 years ago I wrote about an architect who took his own 344 square foot apartment and turned it into a luxurious living space with 24 rooms. I know, it’s hard to even comprehend that. You can see the pictures at Could You Live In This Space?. Today I’d like to give you a glimpse of what your apartment will look like in the future, or at least that is if you ask the property management software developers at AppFolio.

According to AppFolio, in the United States, more and more people are choosing apartment living over home ownership. That is really no surprise with all the problems in the housing industry here over the past several years. They predict this trend will continue, and in the future people will make the most of their apartment space by optimizing every bit of it for maximum enjoyment. According to this infographic called Living For The City In 2080, apartments will look like something straight out of The Jetsons (especially since there is an iMaid included).

This infographic shows what apartments will look like (conceivably) in the year 2080. Of course, this is all in good fun, and I could look at these types of ideas all day long. Your apartment will have an auto-stylist and a spa station. This means your own stylist machine will polish you up perfectly before you leave the house. When you get home, you can enjoy a massage or even a mani-pedi. Our kitchens will be completely high tech, and have insta-gardens where we can grow fresh herbs and vegetables quickly. Last but not least, your apartment will have a teleportation pod. This infographic makes me want to teleport to the year 2080 right now. Can you think of anything they left off? We’re already seeing some over-the-top amenities like onsite pet grooming and dog spas in some pet friendly communities. What do you think apartments will have in the year 2080?

Your Apartment Will Look Like This (Maybe) In 2080

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Via: [Design Taxi]