Say I Love You With An App That Captures The Sound Of Your Heartbeat

In the digital age we live in, we have turned to expressing ourselves more so through text or other forms of media than ever before. Although they are thoughtful gestures, they are not quite as personable as we may want them to be, and so they are sometimes not received with the sentiment we tried to send. Instead, the thought of love gets lost within the form it was sent rather than the love it was meant to give. It is unfortunate, but all too true.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, or for any special occasion you plan to share with a loved one, there is an app worthy of your download since it enables you to share your love unlike ever before. Sure, there are tons of smartphone apps you can send your Valentine this year, or you can opt for an e-card, or perhaps some simple text. But Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the loves within your lives, whether it is a significant other or someone else you treasure within your heart. It is a day to share your more sentimental side, and it doesn’t have to cost much. In fact, the best gifts are free.

That is why sharing your emotions digitally should include something more personal, and what is more personal than sharing your heartbeat? Rebtel created a smartphone app known as Re:Beat, and it provides a unique way for you to declare your love by placing your finger over your phone’s camera as it captures the sound of your heartbeat.

As the app scans your pulse in a matter of seconds, you will easily be able to share your heartbeat via SMS, Twitter or Facebook. The Re:Beat free app is a great way to help put your baby to sleep when you are away, to send some love to a long distance girlfriend or boyfriend so you can feel closer, or to ask someone in the most creative way to be your Valentine. It is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Re:Beat – The App That Captures The Sound Of Your Heartbeat

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Via: [TruTower]