BreakUp Text: iPhone App To Help You Break Up Via Text

Apps are made to make our lives easier, and in most cases, they do. But there are also apps that take things to a whole new level of lazy. Apps are a great way to tune up, refine and optimize our everyday realities, but they can also make things a whole lot more weird. Take the BreakUp Text app for example. It’s one of those odd little creations that I think a lot of people will use. Yeah, as odd and disrespectful as the app sounds, it will probably make perfect sense to a lot of people.

If you have ever broken up with anyone before the digital age took a hold of our lives, you probably know that the experience can be quite heart wrenching for one or both people. But in today’s intense app-driven society, there is a way to get around all that. All you need is to install the BreakUp Text app onto your iPhone and all should be well (at least until you decide to break up with someone).

The BreakUp Text app is somewhat of a “customize the way you want to break up” kind of app. It has several choices ranging from serious to casual reasons for the break-up. If the custom reasons aren’t enough, you can also use the app’s more “personal” feature to pen something longer, and in the app’s own descriptive way, compose a heartfelt message. Basically, if you want to end a relationship with someone, this is the app to download if you are someone whose life is driven by apps.

There is of course a sense of humor in all of the seriousness when the developers created the app. As one of the app’s creators, Jake Levine, explained, “As much as we did it as a joke, it has sort of captured a moment in time when tech is becoming more pervasive in our lives and relationships.”  This app is available today and will set you back a geeky $0.99.

BreakUp Text iPhone App – Now Available On iTunes




Via: [Technabob]