10 Steps To Create Successful Content Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

One aspect of content marketing that makes it so appealing is that it forces marketers to place a lot of attention on the actual content. Many times when it comes to an inbound marketing strategy, the content itself can become an afterthought since there are so many other things to consider. By placing the focus back on content, it raises the bar overall, and gives readers what they want – which is high quality content that they can learn from and share. These are 10 steps for formulating your content marketing campaign.

This infographic is called Content Marketing: 10 Steps To Success, and it’s presented by Ledger Bennett. It focuses on optimizing the content marketing process. By breaking it down into only 10 steps, it makes it easy to digest and implement. You can click over to their website for a corresponding blog post which explains each point in more detail.

The core of all inbound marketing is content, and if you can produce high quality content specifically designed for your niche which establishes you as a leader who contributes valuable knowledge in your field, you’ll be on the right track. Think of some of the most popular marketers on social media (I can think of about 5 really good ones right now), and you’ll realize they’ve all become masters of doing this.

Another thing too that is important is you want your content marketing strategy to be company wide. In other words, instead of just focusing on the marketing, incorporate the whole company and its philosophies into your message if that makes sense. The purpose of your content marketing strategy isn’t just to create inbound leads. It’s also to establish what your company stands for so people can understand through your content what you are all about. Here are your 10 steps to success…

10 Steps To Create A Successful Content Marketing Campaign


Via: [Social Media Today] Header Image Credit: [divahound]