13 Personality Types Found In Almost Every Busy Office [Infographic]

Everyone likes to think they have an easy-going personality and can get along with anyone. If you’ve ever worked in a busy office with a bunch of people, you know that isn’t always the case though. To me, that is one of the best aspects of being an entrepreneur. If I wake up in the morning and don’t feel like dealing with people that day, I can stay home and work from the phone instead.

If you have to report to a busy office every day (especially one with cubicles close together), and if you’ve been a success in that environment, you have no doubt mastered the fine art of office politics and diplomacy. According to this infographic called 13 Office Personality Types (by National Pen), there are about 13 different workplace personality types which you may be working with right now.

Even though it’s fun to go down this list to figure out which one of these represents you (and the annoying girl who sits next to you), there is an interesting dynamic that takes place in offices where these personality types are present. It’s a perspective that this infographic doesn’t go into.

As it turns out, even though the personality types in your busy office are all different, you may notice there is a symbiotic relationship people with different workplace personalities form in order to be successful at their jobs. In other words, they find ways to support each other and make it all work smoothly. You can read more about that dynamic on Workplace Personality Types: How They Support Each Other.

I know from experience that if you end up working with someone who complements your personality, even though that person is very different, it can create a magical, inspiring environment where anything is possible. I’ve had that type of work relationship before. The challenge in that situation isn’t about how to work well together, but rather, how to keep it going long term. So, which one of these people are you? Do you think your coworkers would agree? Yikes!

If You Work In A Busy Office, You Probably Know These People

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Via: [visual.ly]