2018 Cryptocurrency Trends In Altcoins Like DasCoin, Litecoins And Others

Cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity in the recent years, with innovations and developments coming at a rapid rate. Cryptocurrency is hasn’t achieved the stability that physical currencies have, but it depends on how it’s used. This is especially true regarding online transactions.

In 2018, people who are irked of bulky wallets and finding space for altcoins can easily have them all in one place using cold storage. Today we can make transactions by swiping cards or by putting in your account card details. This is the era of cryptocurrency, where technology has grabbed hold of its own currencies.

Cold storage wallets, like hardware wallets such as the Trezor or Ledger, offer a great deal of security.There are always risks in getting involved in any kind of business. Cryptocurrencies, like DasCoin, are no different.

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2018 Cryptocurrency Trends With DasCoin And Other Altcoins

The most widely known cryptocurrency since the beginning of the trade is Bitcoin. It has grown substantially and is regarded as “the coin” ever since it was launched. In fact, all the other coins in the market at called ‘altcoins’ or ‘alternative coins’ because they are alternative to Bitcoin. In 2018, here are some of the altcoins trends:

  1. DasCoin is a coin that is known as The Currency of Trust. DasCoin is slowly gaining a foothold in 2018 as more people are joining the DasEcosystem.
  2. NEO is a well-loved altcoin from China that supports many popular development languages such as Java, .NET, Python and others.
  3. Monetha is one of the altcoins that wants to create a reputable solution and decentralized trust that can be achieved by working with the mobile payments and transactions processing on Ethereum blockchain. It aims to take advantage of what is known as smart contract technology.
  4. Quantstamp is known as the verification protocol of the smart contracts, thereby improving Ethereum’s security. The good thing about having a protocol for security are the benefits of governance, increased trust, increased automation and ability to easily compute complex issues in a network setting.
  5. Litecoin is one of the altcoins that is gaining popularity because it is a peer-to-peer currency that allows instant payments to anybody at almost zero cost. Like many altcoins, it is open source and is a decentralized global payment network.
  6. Bitquence is currently known as Ethos. It is a platform that’s designed to equip cryptocurrencies with the ability to be spread to the masses. Its goal is to create a people-powered service that allows the accessibility of the cryptocurrency market to the average user.

Cryptocurrency In General In 2018

We can see here that almost all of the altcoins mentioned above have the same purpose and use. They differ in functionality, accessibility and other features in order to stand out from one another and encourage people to get involved. They also compete on their currency exchange.

Aside from the altcoins mentioned above, there are still a lot of competitors in the market that might boom in the next few years. However, this will depend on market demands and what the coins can offer to the community. It will be important for all cryptocurrencies to maintain their main purpose and provide high-quality services.

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