3 Best Practices For Data Governance Your Business Needs To Implement

Thousands of companies in the country are worried about the future of their data. They read about horrible data breaches and data losses on a daily basis. Companies want to make sure that their data is safe and managed in a competent way. These companies need to become more familiar with the governance of their data. Governance is the process that is essential to turning management and security theories about data into reality. It is important for determining the ways in which a company will take their data seriously.

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What Is Data Governance?

Companies have to fully figure out what data governance is before they can start to implement a competent program. Governance is the process by which a company lays out who exactly is responsible for all aspects of their data. Companies have to make daily decisions about data management, storage, and security. The process is so cumbersome that it often falls by the wayside. Systems go years without being updated and hundreds of employees still use old and simplistic passwords.

Governance is meant to fix that problem. It involves a company establishing who is responsible for each part of the data process. There is a chart that details responsibilities and contact information for each individual. They become the point person for that issue and are held responsible if the issue is not properly addressed. Through this system, people who are responsible for data are held accountable.

Buy-in From Company Leaders

The most essential part of any data governance structure is support from upper management. Upper management is the individuals in the company who pay the bills and distribute the profits from the business. They are essential to supporting any effective program in the company.

If a data governance program does not have support from upper management, it will not be followed by the rest of the company. Individuals will simply continue on their original data governance and management tracks. They will work to undermine new regulations and frustrate new potential programs. In that process, they will ruin the very idea of the governance structure.

Instead of letting this happen, individuals in the company interested in data governance must remain connected to the company’s leaders. They must frame and craft their strategies in a way that will appeal to the leaders of the company.

They must also hold frequent meetings and email chains where they constantly communicate their ideas to company leaders. It is helpful if those leaders are always located at the top of a governance structure and are represented in some way.

A Printed Structure

Data governance can be a complicated process. There may be dozens or hundreds of people who fill different roles in the structure. Several people may be responsible for the same general tasks. They may be simply overwhelmed and may not know for certain what their jobs are.

For these individuals, perhaps the most helpful step that a company can take is printing a general structure. This structure should be shared with every member of the company. Making a clear structure that has been cleared by upper management can remove all doubt as to who exactly is responsible for what is a new company.

Professional Help

There needs to be some level of professional help for many organizations that are considering the adoption of a data governance plan. This professional help can come in two main forms. One of these is through complex software that can be used to train the entire company in a data governance system.

The software helps individuals become familiar with the different nodes in a data governance network. It can also aid in management and security practices that can make the lives of the people in charge of governance that much easier. This form of professional help is relatively inexpensive compared with other approaches.

Another way of looking at professional help for what is data governance is through hiring professionals directly. Every company could use another individual who has years of experience setting up and implementing a system for data governance. These men and women may be brought on as data experts or simply as consultants. They may only work for a few months trying to get a governance structure off of the ground. But their work can be invaluable in one of the country’s thousands of companies that do not have extensive experience with data governance.


Governance is an essential part of any data strategy. Companies have to make sure that they are putting the right people in charge of their data. Data professionals have to be clear about specific structures and hire professional help if they need to. They also have to stay in constant contact with the most powerful members of their company. This process is essential if a company is eventually able to formulate and implement a competent strategy to govern all aspects of their data.

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