3 Simple Hacks For Better And Stronger Business Branding

Behind every successful business is a strong brand identity. As the market grows increasingly competitive, companies large and small must constantly find new ways to make an impression and strengthen their brand’s position. But what exactly is a strong brand? Ultimately, the most powerful brands are able to connect with consumers on a personal level – making them extremely difficult to forget. When it comes to branding, even the most subtle nuances can make all the difference, and fine-tuning is key. With this in mind, here are three simple yet mighty hacks for a stronger brand.

Tell A story

[pullquote]A brand is so much more than a product or service.[/pullquote] It embodies your company values and the story of how your business was born. Every single brand has its own unique tale – and this is something that your competitors cannot replicate. Brand storytelling has come to be one of the biggest buzzwords in marketing, yet many brands still fail to recognize its value. Indeed, one of the most common misconceptions among business owners is that only the most out-there brand stories are worth sharing. In fact, the opposite is true: an authentic, well-told story brings human value to your brand, creating a much more personal connection. Products aren’t memorable; stories are. If you want to make a lasting impression, share your brand story. Tell it on your “about” page, weave it into your blog and express it via images and videos. Mastering the art of storytelling is crucial to creating a believable brand, so start today with these top techniques.

Stick To A Color Scheme

This may sound trivial, but it’s actually very important. Firstly, your chosen color scheme has a major impact on how consumers perceive your brand. As this infographic explains, certain colors have long been associated with certain emotions, so it’s crucial to use colors that accurately convey your brand. Secondly, sticking to a color scheme is an important part of maintaining a consistent brand image. A uniform approach makes sure your brand can be easily recognized and remembered, so reinforce your color scheme across the board – from your logo and website to product packaging. Being visually consistent will enable you to send a clear message and make a lasting impression.

Create A Favicon

[pullquote]Favicons are a small yet powerful branding tool for any business.[/pullquote] Much like a color scheme, a favicon helps to reinforce your brand image across the web for maximum impact. A favicon is the small icon that appears next to the name of your website, for example when a user has bookmarked your site or has it open in a browser tab. As well as strengthening your visual brand, the use of favicons may also help your site to load quicker – providing an SEO boost. Creating a favicon is incredibly simple, so there’s no excuse for not having one: simply create and download yours using a free favicon generator like this one from 1&1. In the name of consistency, it’s best to use your company logo or your brand initials – and, of course, stick to your color scheme.

These are just three examples of how seemingly small changes can make all the difference to your brand. With a strong visual identity and engaging brand story, you can make sure that consumers both recognize your brand and relate to it. This is key for brand longevity, which ultimately determines the success of your business. – For more branding information here at Bit Rebels, click here!

3 Simple Hacks for Stronger Branding

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