3 Ways To Make Your Business More Transparent

Millennial shoppers differ from their older cohorts in many ways. For one, they don’t make purchase decisions in the same manner as their predecessors. While a Baby-Boomer might look for the best value or a product with the highest quality, a Millennial might instead choose to do business with a company because they believe in its cause. (Though, as this article points out, Millennials aren’t above a cut-price deal.) As such, modern companies need to create a persona that not only delivers on traditional business concepts but can also accommodate younger sensibilities. And the best way to do so is to form a transparent brand identity. Here are three ways you can get started doing just that.

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1. Create An FAQ Page

Rather than waiting for your customers to call in with questions related to your product or service, it’s often more beneficial (and efficient) to simply create an FAQ page on your website. Not only will this provide your customers with a valuable resource, but it will also save your staff time and energy they’d otherwise expend speaking with confused callers.

2. Blog Early And Often

Blogging is a great practice for a multitude of reasons, but for our purposes, we’ll focus on a blog’s ability to shape company perception. Keeping an active blog is a fantastic way to stay ahead of industry trends, and also to impart your unique personality to potential leads and customers. While you don’t want to think of your blog posts as overt sales pitches, they should let your readers know your business’s values and mission, as well as striving to engage with them in a meaningful way.

3. Improve External Communication

People hate dealing with automation. No one enjoys calling a company and being asked to hold, nor do they enjoy automatic email responses, or recorded messages, or anything that doesn’t involve an actual human being interacting with them. With that in mind, it’s important to make connecting with your customers a priority.

Tech advancements like cloud-based phone systems can go a long way toward promoting customer-relations best practices at your operation. (Note that business phone systems often transcend industry; so whether you’re looking to install VoIP for healthcare facilities or a PBX system for a series of corporate offices, the technology will usually remain uniform and accessible.) Additionally, it’s also a wise move to keep your social-media channels active –– especially when it comes to addressing comments on your page!

More Transparent – The Bottom Line

The truth is, crafting a transparent brand identity is as much about your company’s attitude and philosophy as anything else. So making it a point to share your vision through your interactions with customers should be a matter of consistent action for progressive entrepreneurs.

In other words, you can’t build a transparent persona with one good idea. Rather, in order to establish trust with younger shoppers, you need to habitually cater to them. Though that might seem daunting at first, the potential payoffs are huge for companies that make this leap.

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