3 Ways Good Essay Writing Skills Help With Business Mailing

Some time ago, Etsy, the popular e-commerce website, sent out an email to its subscribers list with the subject line: “Rock the color of the year.” Although this was meant to be an innocuous email promoting their new product, it ended up being a popular one that marketing blogs and channels now use as a good example of business mailing.

However, we’ll admit it: writing a business email is hard. In most cases, when you send out a business email, the recipient might have to put on a pair of spectacles (detective-style), whip out a calculator and a map just to understand the point of your message. Sure, this scenario might be exaggerated, but the truth is: a lot of people still struggle with proper communication when drafting a business email.

Some people might opt to hire a college essay writing service to get this job done for them. However, this isn’t a feasible long-term solution because you can’t exactly hire an essay writer just to shoot across an email to your coworker. That’s why it’s important to brush up on your essay writing skills.

In today’s world where business emails and their subject lines are a strong pillar of communication, having good essay writing skills can help you write effective, catchy business emails. But how exactly does this work? Why is writing important? Let’s find out.

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Clear Communication

Report now

If you received this email from your supervisor, what’s the first thing that would pop into your head? Are they asking you to report to their office? Or are they asking you to send across a monthly report? There’s a huge chance that it may be the latter but because the email is ambiguous, you’ll find yourself standing in front of their office, wringing your hands and wondering why you have been summoned. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Writers with good essay or email writing skill understand the importance of communication in correspondence. As such, they tend to go into more details and avoid vague statements such as the example given above. If you’re a great essay writer, you’ll be able to come up with an efficient, effective email and communicate better with your recipients.

For instance, instead of sending an ambiguous email that says: “Report now,” you could send an email like this:

Hello Mark,

Could you please send across the June 15th report on our sales campaign as soon as possible? Thanks!

Kind regards,


This email is simple yet clear enough to dispel any misconceptions or miscommunication.

It Makes Your Email Engaging And Note-Worthy

One common misconception most people have is that business emails have to sound stiff and formal like a 17th-century liege addressing peasants. However, this isn’t true. Formal emails can be engaging and interesting too.

With great essay writing skills and experience, you’ll be able to channel your inner creativity to come up with engaging emails that won’t end up in your recipient’s trash box.

For instance, your essay writing skills can help you come up with a fun subject line like Etsy’s that intrigues your recipient and passes your message across at the same time. You’ll also be able to come up with an interesting introductory paragraph.

For instance, if you run a gaming company and you’re trying to contact your marketer about a sales campaign, instead of starting with a paragraph like: “Hello Mark,

I’m writing this email to share my thoughts on the marketing proposal you forwarded,” you’ll be able to find up with something more engaging like:

Hello Mark,

If you’ve noticed, xyz launched their new marketing campaign today and everyone has been talking about it, including my receptionist. Sounds like the perfect day to talk about our own campaign, doesn’t it? I have a few opinions on the marketing proposal you forwarded to my email last week and how we can improve it. Two words: refresh rate

This way, your recipient will be more inclined to read and respond to your email swiftly without coming up with common, corporate excuses.

It Helps You Avoid Embarrassing Grammatical Errors

There’s nothing more cringeworthy than sending out a business email riddled with avoidable grammatical errors or typos. Not only will this tarnish your credibility, there’s a huge chance that it will also make you the laughing stock at work.

However, brushing up on your essay or business writing skills can help you churn out stellar emails and avoid these grammatical errors.

As an essay writer, you’ll be able to understand the basic grammatical rules and how each rule can be applied in different contexts. This way, you can apply them in your emails without having to rely on your computer’s autocorrect tool to bail you out.


If you’re trying to achieve effective writing when it comes to business emails, you’ll have to start by brushing up on your essay writing skills. If you’re still in doubt, here’s a little tip for you: the best email writers and copywriters started off as essay writers.

Author Bio: Amanda Dudley is an essay writer and lecturer with a Ph.D in History from Stanford University. She currently works as a part-time writer at EssayUSA where she churns out high-quality essays, term papers, and dissertations for students who need them.

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