3 Ways Your Shipping Software Could Be Costing You Money

It’s easy to get comfortable with the software your company is currently using, but not making an upgrade for a prolonged period of time could actually cost your company a significant amount of money in ways you might not even realize. So what are the top 3 ways your shipping software could be costing you money?

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1. Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

As time goes on, the developers abandon certain software solutions and stop patching the cybersecurity vulnerabilities and exploits that are discovered. This leaves your company wide open to sustaining an attack from hackers who are looking to steal your data, do some corporate damage, or spy on what you’re doing.

In any case, you should never use outdated software just because it’s comfortable since the damage the hackers can do to your company is unimaginably high. For example, imagine what you would do if your company’s entire pc network got infected with ransomware, meaning you’d lose access to all of your files? Paying the ransom just to get the decryption key could get very expensive, very quickly, and not paying it would mean losing the files forever.

2. Your Business Relationships May Suffer

[pullquote]One of the primary goals of the shipping software is to achieve a better communication between the suppliers and vendors.[/pullquote] Having an outdated software will make it less likely for you to meet real-time demands, causing you to lose valuable business partnerships. By using a cloud solution, for example, you will make sure that your operations will be adequately connected and that none of the parties involved are going to suffer in any way.

Typically, this type of software can enable customers to view your inventory in real-time, and suppliers can ship their products to you without you having to say a thing. Since these types of services are all service-oriented, your operational processes will benefit as a result.

3. You Can Get Stuck With An In-House Solution That Can’t Be Used Anywhere Else

If you’re using an in-house solution that’s only usable while you’re located on the premises, but unusable anywhere else, you might be facing a problem sooner than you may think. What happens if you must quickly move somewhere else, without having the time to relocate all the gear? Such a scenario could really introduce some serious problems for your company.

However, by using solutions such as Precision Software’s multi-carrier shipping software, you can expect to be able to use it quickly and efficiently, taking it with you no matter where you are. That way, your productivity will always stay intact, even when the unexpected happens, and no unexpected costs will result because of it. After all, what’s better than updating your in-house software to meet the latest rules and regulations, while reducing labor costs and other expenses at the same time?

When it comes to the efficiency and business productivity, you should never make any compromises. By updating your shipping software, you will make sure that you never encounter any unexpected costs while enhancing the cybersecurity aspects of your company.

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3 Ways Your Shipping Software Could Be Costing You Money

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