How Can 360 Product Photography Help Increase Conversion For Ecommerce?

What is 360 product photography? – This type of photography is the embodies multiple frames of an object, when then stitches them together into one interactive 360-degree image. This technology will allow consumers to view their products from every angle imaginable; allowing for much greater product transparency and making them great additions to their existing static images. This is the perfect solution for e-commerce as it benefits those who seek to enhance their online shop through better product display.

How Will 360 Product Photography Help My Online Business?

This type of photography will help businesses;

  • Make a great first impression with outstanding product displays.
  • Increase consumer engagement, while developing emotional connections.
  • Be completely transparent.
  • Optimize conversion rates.
  • Reduce overall online returns.

1. Improving Product Display

The old saying goes, “you only get one chance to make a great first impression.” As an e-commerce business owner that is exactly what you can do by using 360 product photography.

Your current product display probably consists of few pictures with front, back and side angle views, but those do not give the consumer a full picture of the product you are selling. Give your online consumers the in-store experience by elevating your product display using interactive 360 images.

This will allow the consumer to rotate your product a full 360-degree view, and zoom in to see more of your product’s important details, such as quality and design features.

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2. Help Consumers Engage And Connect With Your Products

Consumers love to shop and they also love the latest technology. If you put the two together, you get a winning combination.

Instead of consumers scrolling through a few pictures and the descriptions of each product, they would be more engaged by giving them the opportunity to “interact” with your product pictures.

This panoramic product view will allow the consumer to visualize themselves wearing or using your product, further developing an emotional connection with your product.

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3. The Importance Of Product Transparency

Another famous say is that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That cannot hold truer than today’s e-commerce businesses.

You can become completely transparent with your potential online customers by presenting a more accurate understanding of your product through 360 product photography.

One rotating, zoom-able picture can accurately and visually describe your product better than words alone. Quality and consistency of your images are brand advocates and invokes trust with your consumers.

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4. Technology Driven Product Conversion

Using this technology will give you, the business owner, a competitive edge in the e-commerce world. Make your products; stand out, be accurately represented and provide an emotional connection with online shoppers, ultimately leading to an increased site conversion.

Consumers will not only shop for other products within your store and continue coming back to your site for future purchases, but your unique product display will also ultimately attract more consumers to your store – boosting overall conversion rates.

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5. Reduce Overall Online Returns

By providing online consumers with greater product transparency and the information to make a better-informed buying decision, reduces the chances of returns and customer dissatisfaction. In doing so, it reduces additional operational cost and optimizes your business efficiency.


Engagement, transparency, product display, and conversion are the key to running a successful e-commerce business, and with 360 product photography, you can provide all of these, creating a life-long relationship with consumers!

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