High Tech E-Commerce Solutions – Simple Ways To Sell More Product Painlessly

Building an online store designed to sell your products can offer a range of benefits to any retailer. Your e-commerce store has the ability to remain open 24 hours a day and has the potential to reach a global audience.

Learning the right way to attract customers and sell products through your online storefront can be the ideal way to build a strong business model. Yet despite the technological advances in software and programming applications, many e-commerce store owners struggle to maintain a steady flow of sales.

Fortunately, there are plenty of e-commerce tech solutions available designed to simplify the process and make running your online store more efficient overall.

E-commerce Platforms

If you simply don’t have the time or inclination to spend finding a web host and building a comprehensive e-commerce site filled with your products, it is possible to take advantage of a range of free e-commerce platforms.

Sites such as WordPress or Wix offer free platforms that allow you to create your online store quickly and easily. Both platforms have user-friendly drop-and-drag interfaces that are easy to use. It’s also a simple process to integrate your choice of third-party payment processor so you can accept online payments securely.

E-commerce Plugins

One of the best things about technology is the constant influx of new plugins and add-ons designed to make an online business owner’s life easier. If you’re using WordPress for your e-commerce website platform, there are plenty of excellent plugins you can integrate into your site to improve functionality.


WooComerce is perhaps the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin, offering hundreds of extensions and themes that allow you to customize your site and add new features easily.

The plugin also incorporates inventory management, payment and shipping options, and a powerful customer management system. You’re also able to add discount codes and promotions to encourage more sales, as well as provide a range of advanced user capabilities that allow your customers to create wish lists, save their shopping cart without checking out, and create a profile to customize their shopping experience.


Shopify also offers a WordPress plugin that simplifies the technical aspect of building an e-commerce store. The plugin lets you integrate a range of different payment gateways, handles shipping, and offers inventory management controls.

Shopify can also be integrated easily into your Facebook store. You can also use it to add ‘Buy Now’ buttons on your Twitter or Pinterest accounts to increase sales.

Amazon Repricer

Feedvisor’s Amazon repricer is an app designed to analyze the competitive landscape of your products and ensure your online store remains on-par with similar e-commerce sites within your industry. The software uses an advanced algorithm that calculates the ideal price for your products so you have the opportunity to maximize your online sales.

Google Analytics

There are plenty of analytics programs, apps and plugins available, but Google Analytics still offers the most comprehensive reporting information out there.  The Google Analytics code is easy to install and tracks a vast range of information designed to highlight your customer’s browsing and shopping patterns, the effectiveness of your online advertising campaigns, and much more.

Inventory Planner

Staying on top of your inventory, purchase orders and sales can be time-consuming. That’s where apps such as Inventory Planner can be useful. The app tracks sales and seasonal changes in purchase orders to create sales forecasts that could determine possible trends.

WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart is a WordPress plugin that allows you to install a shopping cart directly onto your site. You’re able to download the app directly to your mobile device too, so you can manage your online store while you’re on the go.  The app also lets you create social sharing buttons for each of your products, which is a great way to help spread the word about your e-commerce store.


If you never have enough time to stay on top of all your social media feeds and pages, Hootsuite provides a time-saving solution. You can integrate all of your social media marketing efforts quickly and easily using a single dashboard. Simply log into your dashboard, schedule when you want your social content posted, and you’re free to focus on operating other aspects of your business.

There are plenty of cool tech solutions available to help simplify your e-commerce site.  The key to boosting your online sales and saving time in the process is to take advantage of some of the best apps, platforms, and programs available for your own benefit.

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