4 Ways To Improve Your Customer Service Calls

Customer service calls are the backbone of any business. They facilitate the interaction between your customers and an agent with no intermediary to dictate what is to be said. Considering that almost every issue that the customer raises is unique, having welcoming and professional agents who can cater to your customer needs all the way makes perfect sense.

However, there is more to offer excellent customer service calls than just focusing on the agents. Other factors such as the technology used during the calls will work to make the interaction flawless.

Here are four great ways to improve your customer service calls.

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Use Toll-Free Numbers

Who wants to pay for a customer service call? Today’s consumer expects companies to have toll-free numbers to cater for their needs at no extra expense. Having your customers pay for inquiries further aggravates their complaint as well as limits the time that they can spend calling your business. In fact, a substantial number of customers would rather stop interacting with your business than pay for the calls.

When call expenses fall on your side, both customers and clients will be encouraged to pick up the phone and contact you. UniTel Voice provides toll free numbers that work with your existing phones (home, office, or cell phones), so you never miss a business call. The expense of having toll free numbers is only but a small price to pay to retain your loyal customers.

Reduce The On-Hold Times During Calls

Putting your customer on hold can be a nuisance at times. Given that the average person spends 13 hours annually on hold, it makes perfect sense to try and reduce this. Sometimes putting customers on hold can be inevitable as you resolve their issues, but customers expect the call to be a one-stop solution for their problems.

Why not place as many functions as possible on the side of the customer service agent to reduce the on-hold times? This will include offering the agent access to simple details that they would otherwise need to contact the support staff about. The shorter the on-hold time, the more the customer will be gratified.

Have Efficient Call Flow Management

The call center is made solely to receive calls, but you ought to have a good way of handling huge and unexpected call traffic. This is because an hour of badly handled calls can result in the crumbling of your business. While you might allocate certain functions to the customer service agents, there are instances when only specific agents can handle particular complaints.

In most cases, an agent who receives a complaint they can’t handle will have to redirect the customer to the respective individual. How about automating this process by investing in superior call software? Such an investment will not only reduce on-hold times but also raise customer expectations when making the calls.

Have Proper CEM Integration

CEM (customer experience management) is a set of tools that play the part of monitoring and analyzing customer interactions, according to an Open Text blog. It helps to identify the main areas of customers’ concerns and ways in which they can be addressed. This includes identifying the most frequent complaints that customers lodge against your business.

CEM Integration with customer service call software helps reduce the instances of repeat complaints through the necessary control measures, turning your business into a customer-centric one. Ensuring that the agents understand how the system works will further increase the effectiveness of such an investment.

Customer Service Calls – Conclusion

Happy and gratified customers draw the line between successful and failing businesses. While having professional agents working at your customer service desk is among the first steps to best interacts with customers, having a solid strategy in place is also critical. Consider the above business aspects and more importantly, this super-efficient service dispatch software to give your customers the experience they deserve with every call.

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