7 Reasons Why You Can Not Run A Business Without An App

You’re probably proud of your latest controversial social media postings, right? And your website showcases your business perfectly. Now you can sit back and relax. Wrong. Aren’t you part of the latest technological marvel yet? Your company can’t be run without an app.

I’m not kidding. If you want to stay on par you can’t stop evolving now. If you slack down you may never catch up. And don’t think it’s a terrifying ordeal. It’s so easy to make apps part of your systems. Before you design your company’s app, I’ll give you reasons to have one. You’ll see why I’m so excited about these developments in the business arena.

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1. You Need More Exposure

[pullquote]The business world is changing. Your new shopfront and even your website is already outdated.[/pullquote] A small percentage of customers still take note of these. They usually start trusting a brand and then commit to it. But you want new clients. People who are open to new companies are the ones who stay updated with technology too.

The only way to reach this group of people is to be present on relevant platforms. Right now apps are relevant. While social media is popular apps are gaining huge amounts of attention. We often joke about people walking with their eyes on Smartphone screens. They may even walk into lamp posts because they’re not attentive. But they are attentive to their screens. Is your app one of the ones engaging these people?

2. You Need Increased Productivity

I’m not only talking about your company’s own app here. Is your business benefiting from the existing apps available? Your team can function much better if only you apply technology to the equation.

Your employees can use:

  • Management apps to delegate and organize responsibilities. Fewer meetings, calls, and emails are needed. More work can get done.
  • Job specific apps help employees handle their work. They minimize mistakes and act as records of work done. Don’t lug around files and information. Your sales people can load all detail onto their mobile devices.

Why aren’t you doing this yet?

3. Your Employees Need It

Closely linked to productivity is your employees’ state of mind. Apps are the perfect way to create more beneficial working environments:

  • Apps function around the clock. Customer service employees can handle queries no matter where they are. This is ideal if huge problems arise. They don’t have to wait until they get to the office.
  • Many employees are overwhelmed with work. Apps take care of many aspects people previously handled. Since all your information is available you may have less incoming phone calls.
  • When you implement management apps misunderstandings are minimized. All team members can view schedules and responsibilities online. I promise you I work better when I’m less apprehensive. Offer your employees this privilege.

4. Your Clients Expect It

We already mentioned people’s preferences. As more businesses start using apps your current customers may look for yours as well.

Don’t let them think you don’t move with the times. Even loyal customers can waver in their trust. If your competitors’ apps supply customers with what they require there’s no reason to keep supporting you.

5. Marketing Campaigns Need It

Your competitors will impose on your client base if they do their marketing right. Why aren’t you already one step ahead? Your business app transforms into a dynamic marketing channel. You can communicate:

  • Product information
  • Positive news about the company
  • Product launches
  • Sales
  • Competitions

Don’t leave marketing to chance. No more hoping your ads get noticed on social media or on a banner. With apps, you KNOW your customers receive and see them.

6. Customers Need It

Apps can transform your entire public image.

Customer Service

View your business app as part of your customer service department. You can now connect and communicate with your customers around the clock. Queries can be handled online. Your customers don’t have to wait for a call or a letter. Customers stay loyal to vendors where they feel safe. Enhanced communication with your customers will generate loyalty.

Information Source

You live in an age where everything is available on demand. People are used to it and they’ve come to expect it. Your customers may need information after your usual business hours. Luckily your app never closes down.

Contact and product information is now instantly available. The quicker your customers can find their required information the more impressed they will be. Once again you can’t allow them to opt for another vendor. Many companies already have apps. Their information is available 24/7. If you’re not one of them you’ll lose clients.


Why do you think social media platforms are popular? It’s not about the images or videos I promise you. People look for engagement. Now imagine offering them this via your business app.

If social media’s success is built on this need you can benefit from it too. Via online forums and ordinary customer service, your clients will feel more fulfilled. Our customers will love the interaction and become more loyal to your brand. And you thought technology makes life impersonal.

7. Your Profit Margin Needs it

As mentioned we live in an instant society. [pullquote]People are no longer used to waiting for their desires to be met.[/pullquote] This can be problematic if you can’t supply solutions immediately. Luckily it also counts in your favor.

If your app offers product information you can offer solutions around the clock. Clients can view products in the middle of the night. When your app enables purchases it’s even better. While your client is considering the purchase you can help him or her follow through with the decision.

No longer do your customers have to wait for shop doors to open the next morning. You’ll make instant sales without anyone crossing your threshold. This can happen via your website I know. But trends are changing. More and more people prefer browsing via Smartphones. You can’t neglect this important source of income.

Are you ready to take the next leap? It’s challenging to keep up with modern technology. But the development of apps has me wishing for more. You’ll see how it transforms your business too. What features are you going to focus on?

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7 Reasons Why You Can Not Run A Business Without An App

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