5 Customer Service Myths Worth Knowing About [Infographic]

I have personally come across some really bad customer service in my life. I have also had really good experiences that are just beyond what you would expect. It’s apparent that some brands suck at customer service, and their brand loyalty and image mirrors that. But as with all things, there are myths that seem to have been created to increase our awareness of customer service altogether. In order to build a successful brand, you need to take your customer service seriously.

There have been a few stellar examples of great customer service in the past. Most of the brands that give great customer service are very active on social media. Twitter in particular has taken brands on the brink of ruin back to glorious days just because it allows brands to step up and help their customers in any way they can.

The customer service myths that are lingering around on the Internet, and of course in people’s minds, are constantly being added to because that’s just how people are. When something hits the rumor mill, anything is possible. A bad restaurant service experience can easily morph into an ear from a cat in your food for example. Once the rumor mill starts, it can be as relentless as the gladiators were back in ancient times.

Many people have come to believe that being a customer service representative means listening to people complain all day long, but this is not entirely correct. It so happens that less than 25% of customers complain even when they have a problem. 70%-90% don’t even complain at all. Customer service is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a brand or a business.

A few more customer service myths are brought to our attention in a fresh infographic called 5 Customer Service Myths presented by saleforce (design by lemon.ly). Have a look through these customer service myths and see for yourself. Customers aren’t that bad after all, so what does this mean? Well, if we look at the myths and the statistics it’s quite apparent that some brands need to step up their customer service efforts. Their success has nothing to do with their customers, but with their inability to keep their existing customers happy which results in bad reviews.

The Origin Of Bad Customer Service

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Via: [visual.ly] Header Image Credit: [PSD Graphics]