5 Examples Of A Good Facebook Ad

Since 2004, with over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020, Facebook is the biggest social media network worldwide. 93% of social media marketers benefit from paid Facebook ads. Users may dislike the ads that pop up on the screen every time they use Facebook, but people do click on the ads when it interests them. Many social media agency Singapore services involve the use of Facebook ads.

Facebook ads offer creative freedom for everyone running a business. It does not matter what message you want to convey or which product you want to sell. You can choose to design the ad according to the needs of your business.

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Firms of social media agency Singapore will benefit from the creative freedom to fulfill their clients goals.  A good and effective Facebook ad draws the viewer’s attention through amazing graphics. It also informs them of the product they are selling. A digital marketing company in Singapore will use Facebook as a platform to advertise for a business.

By taking a look at these Facebook ad examples, you can better understand what makes an ad “work”. In this article, we have compiled a list of ads which show the diversity of Facebook ads, and what you should take note of to create a successful Facebook ad.

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1. PayPal

This PayPal ad might just look like a regular ad to you, but it contains some key features that’ll grab your attention. The headline, text, and color scheme capture your attention. It also mentions what the consumer would be benefiting from it, which completes the purpose of the ad. Services of a social media agency in Singapore would use such marketing strategies to capture their audience.

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This simple yet efficient ad by IKEA describes how being straightforward about your message can be extremely striking to the mind. The Call-To-Action button instructs people on what to do right after seeing the ad. When working with a digital company in Singapore, you can expect to see a wide variety of styles in advertising. This particular Facebook ad was designed to create a big distraction to the viewer’s eye.

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3. Grammarly

Now, what’s better than adding sentimental value to your ad? Psychology experts say that a consumer is more likely to evaluate a brand emotionally rather than by the information provided. Adding an interesting statistic, just like Grammarly, to your ad makes it more engaging. Services of social media agency Singapore use such tactics to create an emotional connection with the audience, which will naturally draw them in. This is usually successful and can work really well for eCommerce platform Singapore businesses.

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4. Dropbox

Nothing is more eye-catching than the word FREE. This Dropbox ad speaks for itself. From headline to CTA. It urges the viewer to click on it. It also mentions how many businesses are already using it and the traction it has already gained.

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5. Upwork

This Upwork ad focuses on the user’s need to solve a problem. The headline contains an applicable word such as; “Discover” which nudges people to take that action.

How To Create A Good Facebook Ad?

Digital Marketers believe that ads can be unique in their own way and convey different messages through different methods. There are a few key elements that, if used properly, can leave an enduring influence. These key elements include;

  • Headline
  • Post text
  • Description
  • Media
  • Call-to-action

The e-commerce platforms in Singapore believe that ads that contain words such as these tend to work more efficiently.

  • Discover
  • You
  • New
  • Free
  • Instant
  • Special
  • Sale
  • Off
  • Limited

These words could be helpful if used in the right sense and space. If it does not fit your text, do not try to force them in.

Just like the cover of a book, you need to put something that immediately grabs the viewer’s attention. The headline should always be accurate and precise. It should be captivating enough to get someone’s attention and short enough to be read in one go. Too much text or long text can cause the reader to click-off the page.

The description of your product should always be specific and upfront. It should describe what you have to offer and what will the consumer receive by it. Researchers claim that humans tend to focus more on what they will receive than give. Thus, offering more to the customer can automatically get the attention of you.

Setting up your offer as something to join an appealing group can drive your sales up as more people would want to be a part of that community.

Digital marketing companies in Singapore also fancy featuring a famous figure or an influencer in their ads to reinforce people into buying their product. People tend to be more interested in something if someone they like is endorsing it.

Another factor that helps gain the viewer’s attention is to mention the size of your community as it can help push sales. It also represents your company’s worth.

Offering a solution to the viewer’s problem can also make them click on your ad. Using strong words such as ‘end’, ‘simplify’, ‘no more’, ‘stop’ can grab the attention of the user and give you what you need.

Using emotional tactics has proven to be effective in the case of marketing. They help in creating a good Facebook ad. Researchers claim that ads with purely emotional content generate double the profit from sales. Additionally, addressing directly to your customer can also boost sales because people want to feel important and valued.

Last but not the least, the Call-To-Action button proves to be a blessing. Writing CTA phrases at the end of an ad convinces the viewer to at least click on it and check out the message. It can also help ensure that the audience has understood your message. According to your ad, you can also use these following words;

  • Learn More
  • Get Started
  • Book Now
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up Now
  • Download Now
  • Join Free
  • Contact Now
  • Free Trial Sign Up
  • Order Now

Adding a website or a relevant page ensures that the user is instantly provided with the needed information. The viewer is directly taken to the page where they see more of what you have to offer.

In summary

Facebook ads can be a tricky business as the format changes from time to time. By applying these tips, you can reach your goal of a good Facebook ad. Hiring a social media agency in Singapore can help to manage your company’s social media effectively. If you’re planning to advertise your business on Facebook, keep these points in mind to get the most out of it.

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