China’s Top 10 Most Famous Internet Entrepreneurs

China has the largest number of internet consumers in the world and the most rapidly developing e-commerce markets. It is not surprising to know that many capitalists of the country are quickly ascending on the Forbes Billionaire ranking lists. Here are the ten richest and most famous Chinese internet billionaires, according to the most recent Forbes Billionaires List.

1. Alibaba, Jack Ma – $20.5 Billion

Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba Group. It is the largest e-commerce business in China whose IPO could be one of the largest in the world. After failing to pass the Hong Kong regulatory authority due to its present shareholder construction, the business held off an anticipated IPO that may value it for as much as $150 billion.

2. Tencent Holdings, Ma Huateng, – $16.6 Billion

Ma Huateng is the CEO and founder of Tencent Holdings, China’s largest publicly operated internet business estimated by market share. Ma is highest in the ranks of richest internet entrepreneurs in China based on Tencent’s estimated value in 2014, which doubled from the previous year. The business’ major website consistently ranks among the ten most popular in the world. A giant star of the previous year: its WeChat mobile communication application has fascinated more than 270 million users.

Top 10 Internet Entrepreneurs China


3. Baidu, Robin Li – $11 Billion

Robin Li is the Chief Executive of Nasdaq-listed Baidu. It is the number one online search business in China. The valuations of Baidu have skyrocketed throughout the past year on investor interests for purchases that have expanded the company beyond its desktop search roots. In May 2014 Baidu bought the online video company of PPS$ for 370 million. In August 2014, it bought the app store 91 Wireless for about $1.9 billion; also in that month, it acquired 59% of the set – buying website of Nuomi for about $160 million. Baidu was founded in China in the year 2000. Forbes  mentions Li’s wealth and that it also contains portions held by his spouse Melissa.

4. Netease, William Ding – $8.1 Billion

William Ding is an internet company founder that owns 45% of the game operator, NetEase, an online game developer. As the CEO, he leads the company to yet another profitable year, as profits for 2013 progressed by 17% of up to $1.6 billion. Looking to further increase profits, NetEase has announced that it would enter the games in mobile direct messaging space by creating a joint business with China Telecom, the massive government-controlled set service supplier.

5., Liu Qiangdong – $6.3 Billion’s CEO Liu is one of the Internet industry’s uppermost success stories. In 2004, he started his primary online retail website and established that year. The business, whose capitalists include enterprise capital firm of Sequoia and finances handled by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi, is working to go public in the U.S.

Top 10 Internet Entrepreneurs China


6. Tencent Holdings, Zhang Zhidong – $5.9 Billion

Zhang Zhidong is the head technology executive and second chief individual investor at Tencent, the largest publicly operated Internet business in China by market share. A leap in Tencent’s allocated price added about $2.2 billion to the net worth. Zhang Zhidong unites with chairman Ma Huateng to be one of two directors from Tencent to create the lists.

7. LeEco, Jia Yueting – $4.7 Billion

Jia Yueting is the chairman of LeEco, which was previously known as Leshi Internet Information and Technology in Beijing. It is a Chinese online video website. The business is changing its focus. In the U.S., Jia is now backing the latest electric auto business Faraday Future that unveiled a car concept in January 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. Early in Jia’s career, he arranged Sinotel, a company of wireless telecom that went public in 2008 in Singapore.

Top 10 Internet Entrepreneurs China


8. East Money, Qi Shi – $3.3 Billion

Qi Shi is a former monetary futures researcher who established his personal financial webpage in Shanghai in 2005. Today, his East Money Information is widely traded in public on the Stock Exchange of Shenzhen. The website functions in one of the states’ top stock information and financial websites. The East Money’s website has been used by 30 million people daily and has subscription and free -based products.

9. Alibaba Group, Simon Xie – $2.9 Billion

Simon Xie is the co-founder of the massive Alibaba Group that he started together with his partners Joseph Tsai and Jack Ma. The majority of his fortune came from his involvement in Ant Financial, an affiliate service of Alibaba Group finances. Prior to his union with the Alibaba Group, he acquired an engineerings degree from the Shenyang University of Technology and then later operated in a state-run data technology business as the financial controller.

10. Meituan-Meituan, Wang Xing, $2.5 Billion

Wang Xing was a keystone in the merger of “Groupon-like webpage Meituan,” which he founded, and “Yelp-like” in October 2015 which resulted in a $15 billion arrangement. Mutual business is private. It formed the massive online and offline commerce business in China. Wang is also the co-chairman of the joint company and recently built “” which now is part of the social website “”

This article was written and compiled by Aladin Legaspi (SEIRIM) for Bit Rebels. If you have comments or if you think someone is missing from the list, please let us know in the comment section below.

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