5 Home Office Trends From 2020 You Should Consider

2020 has seen some major changes to how people work, most notably, in the number of people that are now working from home either permanently, or for the duration of the pandemic. As this home working trend continues, the home office trends will continue to adapt with the times.

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1. Functional Furniture

One of the most crucial home office trends to come out of 2020 is the need for functional office furniture. As the number of hours people are spending working from home increases, it becomes much more noticeable how much of an impact poorly thought out furniture can have.

Whilst a creative room may be inspirational, it is important that first and foremost, furniture is practical and comfortable. Instead of buying furniture that just looks good, try to find comfortable chairs, practical desks, and adaptable storage units.

2. Cool Colours

Cool colors are definitely trending in 2020. Cool colors work perfectly with classically designed office furniture, such as wooden desks and storage cabinets. Cool colors are known to help workers retain focus. The most popular cool color choices to come out of 2020 are monochrome schemes, white walls, and some brown or beige shades.

If you are redecorating your office to bring your cool colors in, whether that be with paint or wallpaper, take the time to ensure the room is adequately damp proofed first. This will help to keep your new office fresh and protected from damp and mould.

3. Layered Lighting

Natural light is widely accepted as being the best possible light source. However, for many home offices, it just isn’t possible to rely solely on natural light. Instead of opting for bright task lighting, 2020 has seen layered lighting become exceedingly popular.

Consider combining the natural light from a window with small wall lights, a feature ceiling light, and a desk lamp that can all be controlled individually. This will allow you to customize your office lighting depending on the day, the time, your mood, and what you are doing, all leading to an increase in productivity.

4. Industrial Styling

The industrial decor has begun finding its way back into homes and commercial properties in 2020.

As a result, this style has become increasingly popular in home offices as more workers shift to home working. Industrial styling can offer a creative, dramatic feel to a room by contrasting rustic wood, metal, and exposed wall space.

5. Minimalism

Minimalism has gone in and out of fashion for years. In 2020, the focus on sustainable living and reducing stress means that minimalist decor has come back into style. Minimalism works perfectly in a home office as it can help to reduce the distractions that excess decor or trinkets can cause.

At the end of the day, a home office needs to be a functional space that encourages productivity. Simple, minimalist home office designs tend to be much more effective than complicated, overboard rooms are.

6. Security Features

With more people working from home in 2020, employers have wanted to keep their employees safe, particularly if night work is needed. A home office needs to be physically secure just like a regular office.

Laptops and other products essential to your day-to-day work can be stolen, so some thought should be put into making your home office secure. Products such as security lights with motion sensors and burglar alarms can be important in both deterring and alerting those with criminal intent.

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