5 Lead Generation Strategies That Online Brands Should Not Ignore

Effective marketing strategies are crucial to every business. The best sales teams often work closely with their peers in the marketing division to create ample opportunities for lead generation. This co-operation between sales and marketing has proved crucial to the success of many businesses around the world but in the year 2016, online brands need more than just co-operation to succeed.

They need data metrics and insights that may help them stay ahead of their competitors. Here is a taste of the top 5 lead generation strategies that online brands cannot afford to ignore if survival is what they seek.

Nail That CTA

Landing pages are great. Landing pages help you market your product or service to your potential customer in a more direct way than regular advertising does. Your landing page can help you leave a lasting impression on your potential lead but lasting impressions don’t pay the bills. CTA pays the bills.

Many online brands tend to make the mistake of creating the jazziest landing page ever but forgetting to add a good call-to-action to their landing page. [pullquote]A clear and concise CTA goes a long way in helping you land a sale.[/pullquote]

You must ask yourself what is it that you want your customer to do when they reach your landing page? Surely, the answer has to be – perform an action. The best call-to-action strategy helps your potential customer make a quicker buying decision. CTA is one of the most effective lead generation strategies out there.

Use Opt-Ins

As humans, we are hardwired to making decisions. Our cognitive abilities may be far greater than chimpanzees but just like chimps we also observe social behavior closely. This is where opt-ins come into play.

Opt-ins are a great way to help your potential lead make decisions that benefit both parties. Let’s say you run a very informative blog on E-learning. Using opt-ins to first greet a visitor to your site and then let them choose whether they wish to read more content related to a topic that resonates with them would go a long way in establishing a positive relationship between the visitor and your brand.

By letting people choose the next step using opt-ins you are empowering them to make decisions. If what you are offering is of value to the consumer then more often than not they will choose to subscribe to your newsletter or ask to be notified about future events. An Opt-in is a great lead generation strategy. Use it.

Do You Have Something To “Offer”?

If you run an e-commerce business and the iPhone 7 is available on your website through an offer that brings its cost down by 5% for a limited period then let me know because I am going to buy it. Offers will never go out of fashion. Everybody loves a good offer.

You don’t have to be an e-commerce business to leverage upon this lead generation strategy. As long as you are offering something to consumers that is appealing and exciting their curiosity would ensure that you have their attention. However, you must be careful not to take advantage of the consumer’s curiosity. When it comes to online offers trust lost once is pretty hard, if not impossible, to regain.

Offers work as effective lead generation mechanisms because there is a sense of curiosity and sometimes urgency attached to them.

Remarketing Is Remarkable

In layman’s terms remarketing can help you reach potential customers in subtle ways that don’t sound too intrusive but let the customer know that you have something to offer.
If a visitor visits your website and doesn’t buy anything what do you do with that visitor? You may assume that maybe they didn’t find what they were looking for. That’s when remarketing steps in.

Making a buying decision is hard. Making a buying decision online is harder. So if a visitor leaves your website without buying after having browsed through certain products, you can use remarketing to send them a list of related items via email that may pique their interest. Remarketing is a remarkable lead generation strategy for online brands.

Ignore Social Lead Generation At Your Own Peril

Social media’s ginormous reach can be utilized for more than just promotional activities. In fact, several studies over the years have shown that people are more likely to buy something that is recommended by their friends online than they are to buy something they saw in an advert.

Man is well and truly a social animal and using social media as a lead generation mechanism would certainly help your organization’s bottom line. Ignoring social lead generation just because you have other strategies working for you would be foolhardy.

5 Lead Generation Strategies To Brand Success

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