Top 100 Inspirational Quotes From The Most Brilliant Minds In Business

Staying on course when realizing a brilliant and possibly life-changing idea that you have had for a long time is hard and requires constant nourishment. Some people turn to music, some to a more social life while others simply lock their focus on the prize they can imagine at the end of all the hard work. There are a million and one ways that you can keep your dedication and focus rock solid when working hard, but it is inspirational quotes that people seem to like the most. Yes, you know those things that people tweet and post on their social media profiles in order to inspire others and, of course, themselves as well.

There are a ton of inspirational quotes to delve into online if you are looking for a bit of a mental booster. It really comes down to what you like and in what business you are. The more popular quotes lately seem to come from business leaders such as the late Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Bill Gates and it is easy to see why.

A company by the name of Funding Circle has taken it upon themselves to find the top 100 most popular and inspirational quotes from the foremost minds in business and they are sure to keep you pushing towards your dreams. They did, however, not stop there. No, they actually acquired the help of illustrator Jordi Machi to create caricatures of each one of these brilliant minds and paired them with their quotes. No doubt is it a great way to put some comedy into all that hard work of yours but this will also help you tweet and post these inspirational quotes in a way that will definitely bring attention to yourself and your feed.

It’s easy to lose focus on a goal if the focus is not maintained, that’s for sure. For most people that’s the only thing staying in their way of success. But it doesn’t have to be that hard to succeed or realize your dreams, all it takes is a bit of an iron will and a dedication that supersedes all other interests. It might sound extreme but that’s the way it is. In order to reach the levels of success most people dream of, you will have to give up something else for a while. Take a look at the most prominent business leaders today and you will see that they have focused entirely on realizing their inner dream.

You can definitely start out with a couple of hours here and there, plan things out and prepare. That is a good way to get started. However, at some point, you will have to kick into second, third, fourth and fifth gear in order to compete, innovate and climb your way to the top. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not so much about working harder, it’s all about working smarter. That is where these inspirational quotes come in. Pick one a day and get inspired. Tweet it, share it and inspire others. You will see that not only will you inspire, both your followers and yourself, but you will also build relationships with people that see your hard work, dedication and the positive energy you let off. You will find that these connections are the ones that will help take you to the top. You can’t build a sprawling city by yourself. No one can.

So, take a look at these truly inspirational quotes and get into the mindset of success. The first step is just that, the first step. After that, it’s up to you to keep going. Now get out there and grab a hold of your dream and never let go.

Top 100 Inspirational Quotes

Alexander McQueen Inspirational Quotes

Amancio Ortega Inspirational Quotes

Angela Ahrendts Inspirational Quotes

Anita Roddick Inspirational Quote

Anna Wintour Quote

Anne F Beiler Quote

Arianna Huffington Quote

Aristotle Onassis Quote

Bernard Arnault Quote

Beth Brooke Quote

Bill Gates Inspirational Quotes

Carlos Slim Quote

Charles Darwin Quote

Charles Wilson Quote

Cher Wang Quote

Chris Gardner Quote

Coco Chanel Quote

Colonel Sanders Quote

Conrad Hilton Quote

Daniel Ek Inspirational Quotes

David Ogilvy Quote

Denise Morrison Quote

Dietrich Mateschitz Quote

Dr Dre Quote

Drew Houston Quote

Enzo Ferrari Quote

Leo Bernet Quote

Estee Lauder Quote

Florence Nightingale Graham Quote

Forrest Mars Sr Quote

Fred Smith Quote

George Lucas Quote

Gianni Versace Quote

Ginni Rometty Quote

Gordon Ramsay Quote

Guy Kawasaki Quote

Helena Rubinstein Quote

Henry Ford Quote

Henry J. Heinz Quote

Howard Schultz Quote

Indra Nooyi Quote

Irene Rosenfeld Quote

J K Rowling Inspirational Quotes

J P Morgan Quote

J R D Tata Quote

Jack Dorsey Inspirational Quotes

Jack Ma Quote

Jack Welch Quote

Jamie Oliver Quote

Jeff Bezos Quote

Jennifer Lopez Quote

Jerry Yang Quote

John D Rockefeller Quote

John Maynard Keynes Quote

Jorge Paulo Lemann Quote

Katharine Graham Quote

Kevin Systrom Quote

Konosuke Matsushita Quote

Lakshmi Mittal Quote

Larry Ellison Quote

Larry Page Quote

Leonardo Del Vecchio Quote

Madonna Quote

Marissa Mayer Quote

Mark Zuckerberg Quote

Martha Lane Fox Quote

Mary Barra Quote

Meg Whitman Quote

Michael Bloomberg Quote

Michael Dell Quote

Milton Friedman Quote

Minoru Mori Quote

Niklas Zennstrom Quote

Nita Ambani Quote

Ole Kirk Christiansen Quote

Oprah Winfrey Quote

Peter Drucker Quote

Phil Knight Quote

Philip Green Quote

Ralph Lauren Quote

Ray Kroc Quote

Reid Hoffman Quote

Richard Branson Quote

Rupert Murdoch Quote

Ruth Handler Quote

Sam Walton Quote

Sara Blakely Quote

Sheryl Sandberg Quote

Soichiro Honda Quote

Stefan Persson Quote

Stelios Haji Ioannou Quote

Steve Jobs Quote

Susan Wojcicki Quote

Ursula Burns Quote

W K Kellogg Quote

Walter Disney Quote

Warren Buffet Quote

Victoria Beckham Quote

William Harley Quote

Vivienne Westwood Quote

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