5 Reasons Your Business Absolutely Needs A Video Conferencing Solution

You have some familiarity with Skype and other small-scale, free video tools – but do you recognize the actual value of investing in a video conferencing solution for your business? There’s a case to be made that this could be your biggest missed opportunity right now.

The Case For Video Conferencing

[pullquote]There’s no denying that video is superior in terms of engagement from participants and the clear conveyance of information.[/pullquote] If you aren’t currently using a video conferencing solution in your organization, then you’re limiting the effectiveness you have with employees, partners, and clients.

According to this infographic, 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal, which is why 87 percent say video conferencing expedites decision-making. Furthermore, 87 percent of executives under the age of 35 prefer to work for companies that have video conferencing capabilities.

Clearly, there’s a case to be made for video conferencing – but what are the specific benefits? Let’s check out a few of them:

1. Higher Engagement

Think about how much more effective it is to meet with someone than to have a conversation over the phone. Well, hosting a video conference is a lot like meeting with someone in person. Nonverbal communication is brought to light and the overall level of engagement is much higher than it would be if only voice was involved.

2. Less Friction

Overall, video conferencing is far less cumbersome than in-person meetings and traditional conference calls. Attendees are able to participate in a meeting from wherever they are and don’t have to worry about the minor and major inconveniences that are often associated with outdated meeting formats.

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3. Easily Scalable

In the past, companies were required to purchase a piece of conferencing software and then deploy it throughout the organization. Once the software became outdated or the company became too big, new software had to be purchased. This was expensive and impractical in more ways than one. Thankfully, these days have come and gone.

Today’s video conferencing solutions are entirely scalable, which means your company can continue using the same software as you grow (without wasting money on features you don’t need).

4. Improved Hiring Process

A lot of companies like to use video conferencing as a hiring tool. When it comes to interviewing dozens of candidates for an open position, it’s cheaper and more efficient to simply conduct interviews over video – as opposed to flying them all in and wasting precious time.

5. Eliminates Geographic Barriers

Business travel is something a lot of professionals are familiar with. In fact, many people spend the majority of their workweeks “on the road.” And while there’s a time and place for traveling to meet with a client or partner, it’s rarely the most efficient use of time.

Take, for example, a flight from Nashville to New York City. It might only take 2.5 hours, but you’re probably going to spend another three or four hours getting to and from the airports (on both ends). Once it’s all said and done, you might burn an entire day just to have a meeting that lasts a couple of hours. With a robust video conferencing solution, this isn’t necessary. You can host the same quality of meeting without all the wasted travel time and expenses.

Help Your Business Take A Step Forward

On its own, video conferencing isn’t going to turn a small business into a billion-dollar corporation. However, by investing in video conferencing, you can take your business to the next level and show employees, partners, and clients that you’re serious about being technologically relevant. Are you ready?

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5 Reasons Your Business Absolutely Needs A Video Conferencing Solution

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