5 Signs That You Should Be An Entrepreneur

We all wish we’d be our own boss one day. However, there’s a reason why most people are employees and not entrepreneurs. While you can pick plenty of useful entrepreneurship tips from platforms like Wave, not all of us are cut out for the life of running our own company.

It’s possible that working for someone else is the thing that best suits you. So before you abandon your 9-to-5 and dive headlong into business, take a step back and evaluate whether this is the right decision for you. The following are some of the more common signs to look out for.

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1. You Question Conventional Wisdom

Do you always find yourself questioning ‘normal’ and asking why everybody does the things they do? Does going to college, finding a job, getting married, having kids before retiring to travel the world sound incredibly boring, unimaginative and stifling? Going into business is probably the right path for you.

Successful entrepreneurs have a knack for looking at what everybody else in the market is doing, identifying gaps and then developing a unique product that can exploit these gaps for maximum profit.

2. People Are Intrigued By Your Ideas

Do family, friends, college mates, work colleagues, neighbors and other people in your social circle get excited by your ideas (business or otherwise)? Do you find it easier than most to rally people toward your causes? Perhaps it’s time you considered being your own boss.

Obviously, when it comes to family, you have to distinguish between their genuine fascination with your ideas and their instinct to encourage you. Though they might be well meaning, your family will sometimes urge you on toward doing something that you aren’t capable of.

That’s why extending your review to a wider circle is important. It will prove whether your ability to generate unique ideas is truly outstanding.

3. Your Friends And Family Are Entrepreneurs

Remember that famous quote on greatness? It applies to business too. Some people may be born entrepreneurs but many others have entrepreneurship thrust upon them. Whereas there are personality traits that predispose certain people to be successful businesspersons, many people go into business because the entrepreneur bug rubbed off on them.

If many of your friends and family are already entrepreneurs, there’s a good chance that you too can successfully run your own business. Many companies fail due to a lack of mentorship so if you have people in your social circle from whom you can freely glean valuable practical tips on entrepreneurship, that’s a major confidence booster.

4. You Don’t Like Being Told What To Do

Now, this is a dicey one. There’s a difference between being rebellious, ungovernable and indiscipline on the one hand, and being smart, creative and open-minded. What we are referring to is a genuine, repeatedly proven ability to know and do better than the people you work under.

Do you regularly feel uninspired by your supervisors’ ideas and find that when they do take your solutions, things work out as marvelously as you had envisaged? Do you always feel that your boss doesn’t perform as well as you think you would if you were in a similar position? Maybe you should start your own company.

5. You Always Find A Way Out Of Difficult Situations

Developing a business plan is Entrepreneurship 101. What no one tells you though is that you’ll probably have to throw your initial plan out the window the moment you get down to actually selling your product.

No matter how well organized you are, the business environment isn’t always predictable. There’ll be unexpected twists and turns that throw your tactics and strategy into disarray. Successful business persons have an uncanny ability to wiggle their way out of seemingly impossible circumstances and make the most of what look like lost causes.

If your friends and family marvel at how easily you can come up with solutions to difficult situations, you could do well as an entrepreneur.

There are more indicators that you could be a successful businessperson including risk-taking, a deep desire to win, a constant dissatisfaction with the status quo, a disdain for stagnation and an endless quest to experience new things.

Few people will exhibit all these traits at the same time. What’s vital is to ensure you have a significant enough number of these characteristics to increase your odds of making it.

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