8 Signs You Might Be A Serial Entrepreneur [Chart]

In my Twitter bio, it says that I have been an entrepreneur for 10 years. I wrote that a long time ago, and now it’s more like 15 years. One of my followers sent me a tweet last week which said something like, “there is no such thing as being an entrepreneur for just 10 years, it’s a mindset that lives on forever.” She is right. If you are a serial entrepreneur, you are addicted to being an entrepreneur. I can wholeheartedly relate to that.

A serial entrepreneur is someone who is constantly coming up with new ideas for businesses. He or she will often start one business, and then a few years later, start another business and so on and so forth. Sometimes the original business is successful, in which case the entrepreneur will delegate the tasks to someone else while he or she starts another business. Sometimes the original business is not successful, in which case the entrepreneur just simply starts something new.

Serial entrepreneurs are resilient, and they recover from failure quickly. They can also multitask with the best of them. To put it simply, serial entrepreneurs are addicted to entrepreneurship. This chart called 8 signs you might be a serial entrepreneur by Anna Vital at Funders and Founders hints at ways you might know if you are a serial entrepreneur. It appears this is loosely based on this article on The Economic Times.

There was an article written on Forbes back in 2010 about this topic, and it is just as inspiring today as it was back then. It’s called The Rise of the Serial Entrepreneur. It speaks of the adrenaline rush we all get from not knowing whether we will succeed or fail with each new venture. You might know what that feeling feels like. It’s such a rush. So, after looking at this chart, are you a serial entrepreneur?

8 Signs You Might Be A Serial Entrepreneur

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