5 Tips For Effective Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is visual storytelling. When created, outdoor adverts can impact the visual landscape of a city positively. But it’s not just about beautifying your town and putting your message out there. For a successful campaign, you need to know how to advertise effectively. Business owners can use outdoor advertising for marketing their services or products, and it has been a great way of impacting audiences on a large scale. However, it has its challenges considering that you have to be super creative these days. Let’s unravel the five tips for effective outdoor advertising.

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1. Make Your Coverage Choices

You must have several billboards and spread them out in the city to get the exposure you desire. However, you cannot place them just anywhere, and you will, therefore, need an agency to help you figure out where to put them. The first step is choosing the right number of billboards.

Know the market costs of the billboard for you to understand what you can manage to buy. Also, do an assessment of the exposure you get from the billboard. For instance, you might hire a cheap board that will be likely on a deserted road, save money, but you will likely get a low return on investment.

2. Make Your Advertisements Sharable

To make your advertisement stand out and give you an upper hand against your competitors, you have to think outside the box. You can encourage your employees to advertise on their phones, put stickers on their cars, or use phone covers with your brand.

You should consider bold marketing or creative digitals to make an effective impact on your consumers. You can also use Chive TV to market your business in restaurants, parties, and bars. As they play the viral videos, pranks, sports, etc., they will play your ad.

3. Have An Instantly Recognizable Image

Your potential customers will watch your advert for only three seconds or less, and there should be an image that can be identified instantly. It can be a product shot, a close up item, your company’s title, or just a singular image. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The image is likely to be viewed while on transit. There are some exceptions, however, when using images. As much as you should have the clearest image, keep in mind that the average viewing distance is 200m. Have that on the back of your head!

4. Use Contrasting Colors And The Bigger, The Better

Bright saturated colors are more effective than low contrast colors for the outdoor design. Using high contrasting colors will boost readability and increase the viewing distance. Also, you should know that every color or color combination evokes a different idea or emotion. Therefore, you should choose your color palette carefully in order to have an effective advertisement.

Meanwhile, ensure that the texts are large and bold for the viewers to read and understand your message from a distance. Apart from increasing readability larger texts also add vigor to your message.

5. Don’t Expect Returns Right Away

You have to be patient as it can take quite some time for outdoor advertising to make you profit. If you expect overnight success, outdoor advertisement is not for you, and neither will you be successful with your business if you have that mindset. It takes time for your billboards to build recognition. It’s like talking to a girl you like. You don’t make her your wife instantly. After a few weeks or so, it will give way, and you will understand how effective it can be.

Outdoor advertisement is different from digital advertising, and most of your returns will be from brand recognition. Therefore, create a billboard that can be noticed and recognized, and showcase your brand which defines your business.


Following these five essential tips will help you take the right path in your outdoor advertisement. It’s not just about showing your product or services, but also encouraging customers to come and buy. Do more research before erecting a billboard.

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