5 Easy Ways To Impress Your New Clients

First impressions can make lasting impressions in the minds of your client. The way you treat them from the moment they step in matters. Even if you have a humble office, you can still impress your clients if you follow some of the tips below.

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1. Educate Your Employees About The Business Proposition

Your employees should know everything about the client. It’s like preparing for a test. Apart from training them about the background of the client’s company, their contribution to society, the types of products they sell, and various other things, you also need to teach several etiquettes. For example, they should always have a smiling face, make eye contact while talking, always remain prepared to answer any question about the firm, and so on.

2. Maintain A Clean Office

The first thing clients usually notice is the cleanliness of the office. As mentioned already, you need to impress your clients from the moment they step in. So, a clean entrance is a necessity. Apart from that, carpet cleaning, lobby cleaning, washroom cleaning, desk cleaning, and also cleaning the dustbins – you need to oversee everything before the client arrives. If it’s too much for you, hand over the cleaning job to professionals. Intrepid Cleaning, for one, is a company that offers comprehensive office cleaning services at affordable prices.

3. Offer Refreshments

Refreshment is another necessity, especially if you have a long meeting planned. Try investing in a good-quality coffee machine. Have fresh fruits cut and wrapped in plates. You can even arrange for sandwiches for a light lunch. However, avoid candies or only cookies. They don’t make the cut when it comes to first impressions. If you are going to do business with this client, keep him/her happy from the first minute.

4. Keep A Lobby Board Near The Entrance

A simple message on a lobby board can make the client feel welcomed at your office; for example, “Welcome Charles Mathews, CEO of ABC Company.” It is a small gesture but can have positive impacts on your business dealings. It shows the client that you value his/her presence and would love to do business with them. Ideally, you should welcome your client from the entrance. Keeping them waiting at the reception looks incredibly rude.

5. Train The Reception Staff

The reception is the first point of contact with the client. So, train the reception staff about the client and how to address them. Make sure you do rehearsals a few days before the client is scheduled to arrive. Go through the process of greeting the client, welcoming them with a smile, and leading them to the main office so that they don’t have to find their way alone. The reception staff shouldn’t use their mobile phones while the client is around.

It can be a massive turn off if they understand that the receptionist is not paying attention. You can achieve success in business in many ways. But it is always essential to keep the basics right. These five tips will impress your clients from the first minute. So, don’t skip any of them.

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