Using A Free CRM To Manage Your Real Estate Business

Having a CRM software at your disposal can greatly help your business. No matter what size your business is if you want to make an impact and grow, Real Estate CRM can help you manage all your client’s needs and keep track of all your dealings for your convenience. CRM for Real Estate means that you get help in managing the growing number of customers and their needs.

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With A CRM, Even A Free One You Can Do The Following Tasks

Set aims and objectives – It is a great idea to chase a goal rather than wander aimlessly. The real estate market is extremely competitive, more focused you can stay, more benefit you will be in the long run. You can schedule tasks for each day and move ahead with a plan.

Organize – It has been a tradition and customary in many old-school organizations to work on spreadsheets to organize details or manage data. But with a growing company, a spreadsheet is not enough to organize data. You should remember you are as good as your data. Arranging and organizing your data with CRM is a piece of cake.

Tracking – The most important feature of a CRM is perhaps that it lets you track your clients. You can stay updated on your client status. You always know where a deal is headed. You easily can get ideas of your prospective clients. You can keep a watch on your sales pipeline as well. CRM can be effectively used for tracking

  • Property – The CRM has all the possible information on each property that a particular real estate is following. From purchase price, to sell price. All conceivable parameters are taken into account by the CRM. This body of knowledge makes the CRM helpful in helping to close future similar deals. Profitability can be easily tracked with such detailed inputs on the property through a CRM.
  • Contacts- Not just clients but even investor details, both past, and present gets recorded in a CRM. It makes it much easier to track potential clients. Every relevant information is logged in to the CRM relating to the investor or client, helping agents use information in an impactful manner to proceed with future deals.
  • Sellers and buyers – A good CRM help you prioritize the sellers and buyers. You exactly know where the buyer or seller stands in their desire to complete the sales process. Tracking buyers and sellers also give your agents the opportunity to approach each client based on your need to complete a certain project. Prioritization helps the business run smoothly.

Automation – A CRM frees your agents to do the more important stuff rather than spending their precious hours worrying or trying to remember each client or their status. Automation can be brought in by a CRM, meaning email reminders, or follow-ups can be set and agents mind can be put at ease. Your business will never miss out on opportunities to fulfill customer demands, as automation makes the process more systematic.

Integrated system – With a CRM you will know in which direction your organization is going. You can track the lifecycle of each deal and act accordingly. Your business purpose and function can stay in a good blend with a CRM to watch over.

Few Popular Free CRM For Real Estate Are

Podio – It is cloud-based software, free for less than 5 user business. Very easy to use and highly customizable. Its lead generator works with good precision by tracking and prioritizing your deals and contacts. It helps cut down manual input by bringing significant automation for repetitive tasks within the workflow.

SugarCRM – The open source version is quite customizable, especially the admin functions given the fact that it is free. It allows you to integrate your emails or add plugins for outside communication.

RealOffice360 – Great tool for any new real estate business or a developing one. It is the one-stop solution for generating needs and addressing marketing requirements. From planning your work to scheduling appointments and reminders, it is a great CRM for real estate.

Cratio Real Estate CRM Software – It allows a 3 month long absolutely free CRM service. The level of customization within the trial period is simply great. After the trial period, you can decide on the subscription depending on its performance for your particular needs in real estate business.

When you are choosing a CRM for your business keep in mind that it serves your purpose. It is best to start looking for a CRM once you have a clear set of expectations from the CRM. The most important feature to look for is perhaps, how far it is customizable. It should fit your budget and must be easy on integration with any current system that you might be following. Go for the CRM that best suits your business needs rather than what everyone else is using. What works for others may or may not work you.  If you chose a turnkey solution, you might get attracted by its free trial or less cost, just remember the initial deployment is cheaper but do a quick analysis on how effective it is going to be in the longer run.

Going for free trials from multiple vendors will help you get the best-fit CRM for your real estate business.

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